How to Start a Home Sewing Project: Tools and Requirements for the Project

How do I start a home sewing project? The embroidery and sewing project is one of the most lucrative areas, since it does not require many materials or expensive, it depends more on the skill of making.
The sewing project is one of the creative fields in which women place many innovations, in order to obtain a satisfactory product for the customer and those around him, as this is a marketing measure of the product.
All this project needs is expertise in the field of embroidery and detailing, but if there is no experience then there is no problem.
You can learn the art of detail through many channels on the YouTube platform, as well as the presence of some agencies dedicated to this that can teach beginners.
How do I start a home sewing project
First to get started with such a project you should know the basic points, which are the necessary tools, their cost and the best machinery to use.
As well as the fabrics used where they come from and whether the customer will be relied upon for that,…

Top 10 Sewing Machines for Beginners

The best sewing machine for beginners is a personal choice and will depend on how often you will use the sewing machine and what features you are looking for. Brother and Singer machines currently dominate the list of top sewing machines due to their perfect balance of price and features. We show you the 10 best beginners sewing machines that are easy to use. Top 10 sewing machines for beginners

Simply put this amazing machine from Brother ranked first because it is suitable for beginners, a full-featured, affordable, multi-function, lightweight sewing machine with a wide sewing table and very popular.
Advantages: Easy to use Automatic sewing head Control sewing speed Large sewing space Buy it from Amazon
Buy it from Amazon :
The Singer machine can handle a variety of fabrics, suitable for beginners and at a reasonable price.
Advantages: 23 different options for sewing Automatic sewing head Great stitching speed Steel body for heavy …

How to Tailor Your Clothes

How to learn to tailor clothes
Tailoring clothes is a beautiful and wonderful hobby that works the hair of many girls, because it is for them a way to eliminate boredom and break the daily routine, as well as a source of income for them, and there are many girls who customize their clothes themselves, so what they wear is particularly special in model and beauty, but there are many Girls do not know how to master the art of sewing and detailing, but madam you should not worry about not knowing the methods of customizing clothes, there are many easy and simple ways that will help you achieve your goal with ease and without complication:
Clothes tailoring tools
Sharp scissors for clothes. Straight ruler, and another for curves to draw sleeves and dome. Paperboard for drawing models. Suitable sewing machine and needles, and stitcher A fabric that you love in sufficient quantity. Chalk to mark the drawing on the cloth. Tape measure. Colorful buttons and strings.

Take measurements:
The measurements ar…

Top 5 Sewing Machines

There are many types of sewing machines that every person who wants to buy a home sewing machine must know to work on, as there are a number of options in front of you to choose what suits you best, but this matter requires knowing the price of the machine and what you want to detail in terms of the quality of the fabric, and from these Genres:
It is possible to summarize the sewing machines in 3 basic groups that can be chosen among them according to the needs of the user and the material cost, which are:
1: Manual sewing machines:
It is a type of old sewing machine that was used a long time ago, where this type can be found in stores, and it is a machine with a foot pedal used to put the designer foot on it, and these machines come with fewer stitches but it is difficult to coordinate the foot and hand together.
2: Computerized sewing machines:
There is a type of machine that works with the computer and it is considered the latest type of machine. This type has very high technologies and…

Sewing tutorial for beginners with pictures and steps

If you are ready to receive your new baby, or if you already own one or more children, you are required to go to the markets and stores specialized in selling baby necessities to buy many items such as clothes, small blankets, towels, diapers, bedspreads and other products, and of course you will pay a lot of money because the shops are the first target. The main thing is to achieve the highest rates of profits, and to get rid of this problem and get the products that you want at the lowest possible costs, the solution available to you is to manufacture it yourself without buying it, and today and during this article we will teach you how to sew and detail a beautiful towel for your child with pictures and detailed steps. Requirements required: One bath towel. One hand towel. Canvas scissors. Ruler. Pins. Ordinary sewing machine. How to make a baby towel:1- We fold the hand towel in length and with equal distances (as the picture below shows) and then we measure about 10 inches or 25.5 cm in …

The best types of sewing and embroidery machines

The best types of sewing machines and embroidery in detail and photos, many women are looking for different types of sewing machines, through which they can create their own money-making project, by sewing clothes or designing them from the ground up.The best types of sewing and embroidery machinesThere are many types of machines that can be used for sewing:
1- Singer sewing machine This machine provides you with about 32 stitches that you can choose from, and it is easy to use, as it only requires you to follow the instructions. This machine is one of the strong machines that have great ability to withstand pressure, and it is one of the automatic machines, and it is known as German, with the spool of the threads that it disintegrates automatically. Characterized by its distinctive style and shapes, and it is good for it that its prices are good and suitable. Link:
2- Brother Sewing Machine This machine is one of the most famous sewing machines, as it is one of the b…

Types of sewing machine

Types of sewing machine
Sewing machines are an essential tool, which must be available in every home. Sewing can be learned easily, and knowledge of the basics of sewing is also sufficient to use sewing machines to adjust and narrow your wide clothes, install buttons, etc. The latest model sewing machines are a mixture of many advanced features and are easy to operate.
Basically, sewing machines are categorized based on their functions, and they are also categorized based on their features like sewing, quilting and embroidery. Sewing machines can be classified into five types:
Mechanical sewing machine Electronic sewing machine Compact or automatic sewing machine Embroidery machine Butterflies sewing machine

Mechanical sewing machines
These machines are also called manual machines / sewing machine / treadle sewing machine / home sewing machines where basic settings are manually made by user. These machines are best suited for beginners who want to learn sewing from the basics. It is a simple "…