How to Tailor Your Clothes

How to Tailor Your Clothes

How to learn to tailor clothes

Tailoring clothes is a beautiful and wonderful hobby that works the hair of many girls, because it is for them a way to eliminate boredom and break the daily routine, as well as a source of income for them, and there are many girls who customize their clothes themselves, so what they wear is particularly special in model and beauty, but there are many Girls do not know how to master the art of sewing and detailing, but madam you should not worry about not knowing the methods of customizing clothes, there are many easy and simple ways that will help you achieve your goal with ease and without complication:

Clothes tailoring tools

Sharp scissors for clothes.
Straight ruler, and another for curves to draw sleeves and dome.
Paperboard for drawing models.
Suitable sewing machine and needles, and stitcher
A fabric that you love in sufficient quantity.
Chalk to mark the drawing on the cloth.
Tape measure.
Colorful buttons and strings.

Take measurements:

The measurements are taken accurately so the person must wear tight clothes to facilitate taking accurate measurements, and each type of clothing has a specific way of taking the measurements:

The length of the dress is taken from the neck to the desired extent at the knee below the knee or above the knee, and so on.
Skirt size: the length of the skirt is from the waist to the desired extent, and the circumference of the skirt is to wrap the ribbon around the thighs, and this is in the case of making a tight skirt.
Chest measurement: The circumference of the chest takes the measurement by wrapping the tape around the chest starting from one number for the number that meets the end of the first tape of measurement, while the chest width is from the first armpit to the second armpit.
Waist measurement: We wrap the tape around the waist and take the reading.
Quantum measurement: The circumference of the sleeve is taken from three positions, from the wrist, elbow and shoulder, while the length of the sleeve is from the shoulder to the desired extent.
Shoulder width: measured the distance between the first and second shoulder.
Thigh Measurement: Wrap a band around the thigh.
Neck circumference: It should be wrapped with a ribbon around the neck, and it should be made for the dresses and shirts with the collar.

How to cut cloth

Cut the fabric with sharp scissors. If you are a beginner, use flat flat paper. This paper contains all the shapes you want to customize.
How to use pattern: Put the piece of pattern on which the half of the clothes are drawn on the piece of cloth, and rely on the similarity between the two parts of the human body, and there is a type of pattern that is clipped in the form of a specific model, you only have to cut.
Be careful when cutting that there is a certain distance to the pole.

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