All You Need to Know About Sewing From the Start

All You Need to Know About Sewing From the Start
Learning to sew is not a difficult thing at all, especially if you have that beautiful hobby, and sewing helps those who learn it on many things, including acquiring the beautiful market, and it achieves wonderful financial gains if the owner has excellent quality.
With time, talent, skill and mastery, it is quite possible to transform into a global fashion house and a name in the fashion world.

In this article, we monitor the steps of sewing instruction by presenting all the tools required to get started, the correct way to take a size, and other details very easily and without paying money or spending time attending educational courses, as follows:

The importance of learning to sew for young people

The importance of knowing the art of sewing and detailing is due to the fact that it is a very widespread profession, and by learning it, there is a great opportunity to work in different factories, as well as the concerns of detailing.

Over time it is possible for a sewing or sewing to open their own business. Indeed, many have recently been able to receive education for tailoring and sewing online, and have opened their own businesses.

Tools for teaching sewing

There is a set of tools that must be available in order to start learning sewing, but they are available and affordable for everyone.

It can be obtained from the shops specialized in selling yarns or fabric, as follows:

Tools for tailor

There are some tools that must be provided for the fabric detailing process, as follows:

The great scissors

It is intended for cutting the fabric as straight lines and has a small hand, for easy entry of the fingers into it, while the other hand is more spacious and it is possible to insert more than one finger with it.

Little scissors

Small scissors, about fifteen centimeters long, not intended for fabrics, but he cuts the thread and cuts the buttonhole and the threads of zip-up clothes.

He also fine-tunes them, and he uses this scissors for any precise work and is a very sharp weapon.

Scurvy scissors

It is specific to a specific type of fabric that has a reproducibility, or heavy fabric and it also creates certain shapes of fabric such as sparks.

Measurement tools

The intended measurement is to take the customer's sizes in order to tailor the fabrics according to his own measurements, such as: length and width, and so on. To take the required sizes for the customer, there are some tools that must be available, as follows:

Measuring tape

What is meant by the foldable plastic tape is mostly yellow, and the numbers in it are black.

It is numbered from one year to one hundred and fifty, and after the completion of the measurement process, it must be folded again to preserve it.

Measuring adjuster

What is meant by the iron ruler, which has an index of ten centimeters in length, and is used by the seamstress in order to control the crooked ends with pockets, dresses and gowns.

Tail adjustment tool

What is meant by the tool that determines the length of the tail of the gown or dress, and is very useful with fabrics whose colors are light, because the use of chalk will not appear on it.

The ruler on the letter T

This ruler is one of the best measuring tools, and it is preferable to buy it from transparent type.

Specific tools

There are some tools that are used to determine the detail of the dress or the gown, or whatever clothing is to be detailed, as follows:


It is used to define the model before cutting, and it is of great use in dark-colored fabrics.

And chalk has several types, so the designer is made of wax or clay and the second one is the best because it does not leave a mark on the fabric.

Carbon leaves

One of the best types is white paper, which is the paper that is used to make the trademarks of Patron, which are placed over the fabric.


What it means is a small, hand-held tool that has a front wheel and has very sharp teeth.

It is responsible for marking the fabric after placing a paper form for it as it passes around it until you select this pattern on the pattern.

Often it is useful with silk and cotton fabric, but it is not very useful with silk.

Sewing tools

There are some tools for sewing and they come as a third stage after the measurement and detail stage, then that stage comes as a last stage for sewing, and it includes the following tools:

The Captain

This tool is used to protect fingers from frequent punctures of needles, and it is a very important tool for any beginner.

Mostly they are made of metal or plastic, but the metal is preferred to use.


It is she who does the knitting and hand sewing is done using length needles.


Its uses are well known to all and the best kind of it is made of steel because it is rustless.

Soft strings

It is used in sewing that is called saddlery, and is sold in the form of large rollers of various colors.

Alternatively, rollers can be made from the remaining strings to be used as saddles.


They are important for dresses, shirts, pants, and jackets, but the most important thing is to choose them on the basis that they fit clothes.


It is used to open and close some clothes such as pants - dresses - gowns and jackets, and there are many types of them, including polyester, plastic and metal.

Yarns of different colors

It is used for sewing and bouncing clothes

Sewing machine

To finish and sew selected models from customers.

How to make measurements in teaching sewing

After we have presented the tools necessary for sewing comes the stage of writing different measurements for the person who will be modeling.

Before we start how to do this correctly, the customer must stand upright and not be dressed loosely until the measurements are correct.

And do not forget to write down each size in a special record of measurements with the customer's name, and the correct way to take measurements is:
How much

The circumference of the sleeve is measured in three numbers, the circumference of the sleeve from the top, the area of ​​the joint and the wrist.

As for the length of the sleeve, it starts from the beginning of the shoulder area to the desired model length, whether it is a half sleeve or a full sleeve.


It starts from the neck to the length of the piece to be detailed.

Length of the pocket

It starts from the waist to the length of the pocket to be detailed.

Chest circumference

And when the tape measure is wrapped around the chest area, the counting takes place from the first year until the measurement tape is completely closed, then the measurement is recorded.

Waist circumference

It is done with the same steps as the chest.

Shoulder width

It is measured by the distance between the shoulders.

Thigh circumference

This is done by wrapping the measuring tape around the thigh. This measurement is done when making pants.

Thigh circumference

The measuring tape is wrapped around the thighs. This measurement is for pocket detailing.

Neck circumference

The tape measure is wrapped around the neck, and this measurement is used when tailoring a collar or dress shirt.

Basic skills required in teaching sewing

Before the beginning of the sewing profession, the tailor or seamstress must have several skills, the most important of which is his love for this field.

He must be creative, innovative and knowledgeable of all that is new, and he must also be able to use his tools well.

By accurately determining the required number of fabrics as meters and the skill of using the pattern.

Among the most important points is also the finishing of the piece of clothing that he elaborated with high finishing, and he must also have a modern sewing machine.


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