How do I buy a sewing machine

How do I buy a sewing machine
The sewing machine is a small machine that helps convert all kinds of raw fabrics into ready-to-use products; Like clothes, this machine helps to produce clothes quickly and precisely, as they are used by clothing production factories, and many people can open small projects for sewing, and when needed to purchase a sewing machine must know its different types and uses, and the capabilities of each type.

Types of sewing machines
  • Manual sewing machines: They are machines they used to use in the past, and they have a foot pedal that makes the tailor’s feet move, but they are old fashioned and have limited stitches; It contains only a zigzag and straight stitch, and it is difficult for a person to coordinate the movement of hands and feet.
  • Mechanical sewing machines: especially for beginners; Not only do they need to move hands and feet together, they can also be maintained and cleaned and put oil on their metal joints, which saves money.
  • Computer sewing machines: devices that have high technology and many functions that can not be used by beginners, and they contain many types of settings, such as: tuning of the tendon, and the setting of consistent stitches, as well as providing a computerized device in the future, and the price Louder than a mechanical sewing machine.
Tips when buying a sewing machine

  • Determining the goal of buying a sewing machine: Knowing the purpose of purchasing it, whether it is to work on it professionally or for home uses for personal needs.
  • Choosing a metal sewing machine: It is not a good idea to buy a sewing machine with a heart made of plastic because it can be broken and cannot be repaired, but made of metal; It has spare parts and can be easily repaired.
  • Inspecting the sewing machine parts: Before purchasing the sewing machine you must check the motor, embroidery needles, all its features, know its durability and how many hours it can be worked on continuously.
  • Choosing the right types of sewing machines: it is preferable to buy famous types; They are easy to repair and their spare parts are available, it is not a good idea to buy used machines because they are not guaranteed.
  • Choosing a sewing machine that suits the user's skills: In case the user is a beginner in this profession, a machine suitable for beginners should be purchased that is easy to use, and a professional machine should not be bought because he will not be able to deal with it.
The best sewing machine for the home

  • Singer Sewing Machine 5560: This brand is the most famous in the world of sewing, and it is characterized by its easy operation, easy to control stitches, and easy to install the thread in it. The body of the machine is sturdy and sold with a variety of needles, in addition to a cleaning brush and an oil used for periodic maintenance.
  • Juki 1-Needle, 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623: This machine is unique in shape and can be used to sew all kinds of fabrics, whether heavy or light; As it contains the property of varying nutrition; It feeds the machine with cloth, it is light and fast, free from breakdowns, the width and length of stitch can be controlled, and it can work 1300 stitches / minute.
  • YCDTMY Beginner Locking Machine: This machine is best for home use; It is easy for the housewife to adjust the stitch, etc. They are easy, not complicated, the length of the stitch can be easily adjusted, and can be used to train girls who study sewing.
  • Brother Sewing Machine: This machine is characterized by its small size, light weight, and speed in completing tasks, it can be used easily and sewing clothes and textiles, and beginners can use it and control the length of the lug easily, and this machine also includes 27 needles.


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