Sewing tutorial for beginners with pictures and steps

Sewing tutorial for beginners baby towel
If you are ready to receive your new baby, or if you already own one or more children, you are required to go to the markets and stores specialized in selling baby necessities to buy many items such as clothes, small blankets, towels, diapers, bedspreads and other products, and of course you will pay a lot of money because the shops are the first target. The main thing is to achieve the highest rates of profits, and to get rid of this problem and get the products that you want at the lowest possible costs, the solution available to you is to manufacture it yourself without buying it, and today and during this article we will teach you how to sew and detail a beautiful towel for your child with pictures and detailed steps.
sewing tutorial
Requirements required:
One bath towel.
One hand towel.
Canvas scissors.
Ordinary sewing machine.
Sewing tutorial for beginners

How to make a baby towel:

1- We fold the hand towel in length and with equal distances (as the picture below shows) and then we measure about 10 inches or 25.5 cm in the ruler and then we cut.

Sewing tutorial for beginners
2- We cut the hand towel from the corner in a circular way to make the zakat, and then we stapled the right sides together and then we sew the edges, then we bring the bath towel and fold it along the same as we did with the other puffer and then we match the center of the bath towel to a towel Hand and then we stapled the sides and then we sew, you can use the following pictures to clarify more.

Sewing tutorial for beginners
Sewing tutorial for beginners

3- After completing the previous simple steps, you will have finished making a beautiful towel for your child, and you will not need to market and pay a lot of money. Below is the final picture of the work.
Sewing tutorial for beginners

Business work:
You can tailor some beautiful towels of various colors and sell them to the living mothers in the region for good prices that guarantee them savings and guarantee you profit, and you can develop with time and manufacture many other products such as different clothes, children's bedspreads, bedspreads, and bedspreads also in addition to blouses and other products and market them via The Internet, to the women in the area, to the shops, stores, and furniture fairs, and if there is an opportunity to open a small store in a suitable residential area or in one of the markets a large number of people visit, this is good, and it will bring you many benefits, the most important of which is increasing sales and profits.


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