How to Start a Home Sewing Project: Tools and Requirements for the Project

How to Start a Home Sewing Project

How do I start a home sewing project? 

The embroidery and sewing project is one of the most lucrative areas, since it does not require many materials or expensive, it depends more on the skill of making.

The sewing project is one of the creative fields in which women place many innovations, in order to obtain a satisfactory product for the customer and those around him, as this is a marketing measure of the product.

All this project needs is expertise in the field of embroidery and detailing, but if there is no experience then there is no problem.

You can learn the art of detail through many channels on the YouTube platform, as well as the presence of some agencies dedicated to this that can teach beginners.

How do I start a home sewing project

First to get started with such a project you should know the basic points, which are the necessary tools, their cost and the best machinery to use.

As well as the fabrics used where they come from and whether the customer will be relied upon for that, or you will buy them, you must know each detail point about the project.

The most prominent tools for home sewing project

The first thing to think about is the tools that you will use in sewing, while calculating the final cost in order for everything to go according to your calculations, and among the most prominent of these tools:

  • Sewing machine should be good, and it is better to be Japanese-made, the best types of machines are Singer and Brother.
  • And the best of them is the old black Singer and its price does not exceed 500 pounds, while the modern one may be 1100 or higher.
  • And there are digital machines to work more sophisticated.
  • Lug machine, so you can easily operate the model tabs effortlessly.
  • A large number of thread rolls in all colors and shades.
  • Needles of different sizes for easy embroidery stitching.
  • Multiple and different scissors.
  • Small cupboard for laying out finished models.
  • Hanger for hanging models on it, so the customer can receive his clothes in style.
  • Paperboard so that you can draw the model and its details on it.
  • A tire to take the right sizes for each customer.
  • Brochure or small note to jot down sizes, customer names, and so on.
  • Mannequin to display the model to him after its completion as a kind of advertising.
  • Longitudinal mirror so that the customer can see himself wearing the model after its completion.
  • Steam iron for ironing the clothes after finishing them, so that they are presented beautifully and attractive.

home sewing project requirements and how it works

The first step is to learn to master and master sewing, and advice that you do not start the project until after you have reached the stage of professionalism.
After that, you can watch many videos and practice multiple times before interacting with the audience and customers.

Choosing a suitable place in the home, making a small office with a table and a chair, and putting tools in it in an organized way.

And it should always be clean, and it must be free from any type of oil, food or other things.
Good lighting and beautiful decoration makes the customer look and feel comfortable while in the room, with a picture of elegant and attractive models as wallpaper on the wall.

Before starting this project, it is necessary to study the project well, to know its negative and positive aspects, the profit percentage and the risk of loss.

This is done by determining the daily production percentage and comparing the industry and selling costs to find out the profit, to know the positive and the profit of this project
Fabrics must be picked well, as this is one of the essentials of business and a secret to attracting the customer.

You can choose a good fabric supplier after determining the amount of production, or depending on the customer himself and thus you can only charge for your effort.

How to market the product and build a good customer base

Of course, you should think about how to market the product, as it is one of the most important steps for the success of the project, and if you have made good and distinguished production and you cannot market, this may destroy your project.

One of the best current ways after technology has entered our lives, and the Internet has become essential in every home, so you can subscribe to many marketing pages.

Or create your own page on a social media site, and invite your friends and friends of friends.

And photographing the product well with good lighting and putting some accessories on it may contribute to attracting a large audience.

As well as the ability to access the electronic stores, through which you can advertise and display your products, or participate in the famous women's forums.

You can also create a broad base of friends, with the ability to customize online for all members by sending the required sizes and models.

In addition to dealing in a good way with customers and providing the product well, which causes the customer to inform him about you.

And those around him after dealing with you can tell the people around them, so the customer base will increase and your circle of knowledge will increase.

How do I start a home sewing project

Expand with new innovations and ideas
After proving yourself in the field, you can expand to sew other new things, such as turbines, treasures, scarves, and scarves.
It is also possible to make infidels for the lounge, salon and corner to maintain it, and this will find great demand among many women who have young children.

In addition to making strange and new bags for clips, and distributing them to the home appliances stores as a model. When successful, the quantity can be supplied.

You can also make covers for fans, microwaves, electric ovens, washing machines or even remotes, baby bottles and pipers.

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