Information on the sewing profession

Information on the sewing profession
Here is an article for everyone who wants to learn sewing, entitled Information on the sewing profession. Certainly, this profession is considered one of the finest professions in the world that are absolutely indispensable, it is one of the necessities of life and professions that will never go away no matter how long time. They learn to sew first before designing, even if the opposite is true, they must learn to sew in order to turn clothes into a wonderful piece of art. If you are interested in this beautiful field, come let us know valuable information about him and the names of his tools in bronze.

Information on the sewing profession

In order to learn any profession or any of the skills, you must first know its tools and the names of these tools and use them different in order to become proficient in them and perform them with great mastery and you have the basis and the main rules for them and then after that you start with the practical steps to learn them on the ground.

Measurement stage tools

And this stage is the first stage of sewing that the tailors use at the beginning of that journey to get their pieces out of art in a manner appropriate and appropriate to the size of the person who will wear this piece. Among the tools that the tailor uses at this stage are:

Ruler: The first measuring instruments with a length ranging from 20 to 100 cm. And this ruler is transparent so that the user can narrate the lines and measure through them, as well as it is preferable to have another opaque one to measure the light colors. Mostly they are made of wood.
Adjusting machine: This machine is used to help the tailor to measure the piece before sewing to ensure that it is appropriate to measure. Caution is well advised prior to use until the sewing is done thoroughly.
Tape Measure: This type of tape is used in all types of measurement and can never be dispensed with. It is very necessary and we always find the tailor placing it next to him or on his shoulder so that he is not absent because he needs it permanently. It is usually 150 cm long. It must be used before cutting to ensure the desired size of the fabric.
Shear stage tools
Scissors are the only tool used at this stage after the measurement stage, but each piece of cloth has a different type of scissors to facilitate the cutting process.

The first type: the scissors are large in size and can be easily recognized as it has two holes, one is very large and the other is smaller than it in the large size to place the thumb and small to insert a finger or two with it so that they are very compact and do not come out of the hole easily to facilitate the process of cutting. Also, it is necessary to focus well before beginning to cut and not shake the hand until the piece is cut straight and not warp. Also, it is required in this scissors that the hand held by the tailor be very strong so that he can use it with ease.

The second type: It is the scissors that are very sharp on both sides and are small because it is used to cut non-thick fabrics and in the making of small holes such as those for button holes and its length is about 15 cm or less. It is used to remove excess or any cut during sewing, it is more practical and light than other types of scissors.

The third type: trimming scissors or serrated scissors, and this type of scissors is very necessary for the sewing liners and in order to exude a beautiful and polite piece of cloth, because it helps to cut the fabrics called Zigzak, whose threads are susceptible to splash. It is also used to cut fabrics from the inside and help the fabric to come out in a graduated way, which helps the tailor to make some different cuts. It is also used to cut the pieces that are very heavy and the person cannot cut them with the normal scissors.

Tailor stage tools

Carbon paper: This paper is used for the tailor to place specific marks on textiles. It is recommended that the color of the carbon paper be white so that she does not print on the fabric.

Wheel: This tool is used only when tailoring cotton fabrics and cannot be used with any other type of fabric. It is necessary for the tailor to mark the paper pattern of a design. By moving it on.

Chalk: It is one of the most important sewing tools that the tailor uses with all clothes as well, because he uses them if the measurement of the thing is long and he wants to shorten it a little, then he does not use it to determine the signs that he wants to stand on or to sew on it which is very necessary to complete the following process accurately. And you should know that this chalk is best like that used by teachers to write on the blackboard in schools, but it is intended for this type of crafts, especially the letter of sewing and is made of clay unlike the school chalk, it is made of lime or plastic. There are many colors, but it is preferable to use white color with clothes that have a dark color. As for light clothes, the color of the chalk is dark so that the tailor can tell the signs and so that the blackboard is not printed in the clothes. They disappear easily and are not stuck as used in schools.
Sewing stage tools

The sewing machine is the main thing that the sewing process does not take place without and is different in shapes and types and for the sewing process to be complete, the tailor must have a sewing machine in which he has all the necessary capabilities to take out a suitable piece of fabric for a design.
Needles: They are varied in their shapes and types as well. They have different uses for each shape, including: (needle embroidery _ thin needle _ small needle _ obelisk needle _ and curved needle). Each of them has its own use that the tailor must know and take into account during sewing.
Thimble: It is a sponge in the form of a ball that the tailor always puts on his wrist until he places pins and needles in it so that you do not put from it and do not seduce it.
Yarns: They differ according to the different types of clothes. Each type of fabric must use a certain type of thread.
Magnet: It even attracts needles and pins.

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