What are sewing tools and their uses

What are sewing tools and their uses

What are sewing tools and their uses

Sewing is one of the magical reasons for getting a beautiful piece of clothing and accurate sizes. Sewing is a job that few people do in our time, because factories have become very popular in this field.

But there are many women who have a hobby of making clothes and sewing, and would like to know about their tools, and what are the ways to use them, and what is the benefit of them, so we will present to you in our article, about different types of sewing tools, and how to use them to become skilled in sewing clothes.

Sewing tools and their uses

There are many different sewing tools, and each of them has its specific use, which is indispensable for sewing clothes, for example there are (scissors) and it is one of the most important tools in sewing clothes, needle and other tools that we will explain to you clearly.

First: scissors
Scissors are the primary hand for sewing. There are many types of scissors in the field of sewing and they are:
Ordinary scissors: This is the scissors that the average worker uses to cut the normal size cloth.
Sharp scissors: This type of scissors is used to cut thin fabrics instead of perforating.
Electric shears: This type is used in garment factories, because it cuts more than ten layers of fabric.
Scissors for cleaning: This type is used for cutting, excess threads after sewing.
Second: the measuring tape
To get good clothes, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the waist, arm circumference, and chest circumference, so that the piece of clothing is good for you, and this is the task of the measuring tape that determines the body sizes, to eliminate these sizes, and sew them.

Measuring tape: It is a long tape, made of plastic or metal, with marks numbered in centimeters.
Third: Education Soap (Mark)
Teaching soap is an important tool as it draws the marks on the cloth, after taking the size, you cut the cloth on these marks.

Fourth: The needle
Sewing needle is one of the most important sewing tools, it is the one that brings the pieces of fabric together to form a complete piece of clothing and there are many sewing needles, they are:

Ordinary needle: used to sew clothes at home, and to repair torn clothes, which are present in every home.
Sewing machine needle: It is the needle that is placed in the sewing machine, and its head is thick, and the needle is pierced from below.
Embroidery Needle: It is a thin needle to decorate and embroider clothes.
Fifth: Threads
Yarns are very many types, including those made of polyester: they are used in heavy woolen clothing.
Including silicone threads: this type is used in leather clothing.
Cotton thread: used in embroidery and has many colors.
Sixth: Carbon paper
Carbon paper is a blue and white paper, placed between the layers of fabric, you make markers between the layers to facilitate cutting and sewing, and it is best to use white carbon.
Seventh: the ruler
The ruler is one of the tools that facilitates the sewing process, as it connects the lines together to facilitate cutting and sewing. There are types of rulers, including plastic.
Including made of wood, and made of iron.

Eighth: pins
Staples take the shape of needles, but they are small and have a head of different colors. They are used to make clothes steady while cutting and sewing them.
The pins collect the fabric parts to facilitate sewing without getting tired.
There are two types of copper, and one made of iron.
Ninth: sponge pins
It is a piece of sponge attached to a plastic base, to which the pins and needles are gathered so that you don't get hurt.
Tenth: thimble
It is a piece of metal or plastic, placed in the fingers to protect it from injury or tingling.
Eleven: Detail table
It is a table made of Formica, to facilitate the movement of the fabric on it and to cut and detail the piece of clothing.
Twelfth: the wheel or roulette
It is a wheel with a hand made of wood, and it passes around the pattern over the fabric, to take the shape of the pattern and facilitate the cutting and sewing process.
Roulette is used on delicate fabrics like chiffon and silk.
Thirteenth: Iron and Iron:
The iron is an important tool in customizing clothes. It determines the final shape of the garment and shows its final form.

Sewing machine
There is a sewing machine in many homes, it is indispensable to facilitate the repair and customization of clothes, and there are many types of machines, including the following:

Manual machine:
It is a machine that exists in many homes, and is used easily by hand or legs.

Machine with electricity:
It is an easier machine to use, makes clothes better and has a motor that is easy to work with.

This type is found in clothes-making factories, and it has the latest technology, and large production of clothes is produced in a short time.

This kind of machine is used for embroidery and decorating fabrics, and this machine is found widely in garment factories.

Rolling machine:
This machine cuts the extra pieces under the cloth.

Overhead machine:
It is a machine used to collect both ends of the fabric, to prevent forgetting them and keeping them from tearing.


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