The best types of sewing and embroidery machines

The best types of sewing and embroidery machines
The best types of sewing machines and embroidery in detail and photos, many women are looking for different types of sewing machines, through which they can create their own money-making project, by sewing clothes or designing them from the ground up.

The best types of sewing and embroidery machines

There are many types of machines that can be used for sewing:

1- Singer sewing machine
Singer sewing machine
This machine provides you with about 32 stitches that you can choose from, and it is easy to use, as it only requires you to follow the instructions.
This machine is one of the strong machines that have great ability to withstand pressure, and it is one of the automatic machines, and it is known as German, with the spool of the threads that it disintegrates automatically.
Characterized by its distinctive style and shapes, and it is good for it that its prices are good and suitable.

2- Brother Sewing Machine
Brother Sewing Machine
This machine is one of the most famous sewing machines, as it is one of the best types that can be used by beginners, in addition to that it is distinguished by the distinct colors and shapes.
The machine contains about 14 different needles and this machine is used in the design of the loop in an automatic and simple way, in addition to that some types are distinguished by their ability to make 34 stitches, and they are also distinguished by their ability to sew in the dark and adjust the loops in length and width.

The prices vary from one type to another according to their capabilities, some types are available that depend on the presence of an electronic screen, in addition to many other electronic features.

Types of sewing machines for factories

1- Arista 200 sewing machine
Bernina ARTISTA 200 Embroidery Sewing Machine
It is one of the machines that work through technology, as it is a touch screen, it contains Windows that provides educational programs, in addition to various exercises.
Through these exercises, you can practice the ways in which you can learn sewing and training in various methods as well. You can connect the machine to your computer via USB.
By connecting the machine to a computer, you can download various designs onto it, as well as many other benefits.

2- Gemsy sewing machine
Gemsy sewing machine
It is also one of the electronic machines that you can control the number of stitches required through the electronic board of the machine.
This machine is distinguished by stopping automatically when the required number of stitches is completed, in addition to cutting the thread as well, all without any interference from you.

The best home sewing machine

There are many types that can be acquired at home.

1- handheld machines
Handheld sewing machine

This is one of the types that were used in the past, as it contains a pedal to put your foot on, but you should make your foot move with your hand at the same time.
You can buy this kind of machine from the commercial stores, and this machine contains only two stitches which are straight and winding stitch.

2- Mechanical machines
Mechanical sewing machine
It is one of the types that are used easily, so it is preferred for beginners, as it does not require you to coordinate between your hands and feet, but these machines, if broken, are not repaired.
If there is a small problem, you can get rid of it easily, in addition to the need to put oil on its joints and clean it regularly.

3- Electronic machines
Electronic sewing machine
These machines enable you to control all stitches, so that you control them from start to finish, in addition to this type of machine needs a computer, so you can link it to it.


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