Top 5 Sewing Machines

Top 5 Sewing Machines
There are many types of sewing machines that every person who wants to buy a home sewing machine must know to work on, as there are a number of options in front of you to choose what suits you best, but this matter requires knowing the price of the machine and what you want to detail in terms of the quality of the fabric, and from these Genres:

It is possible to summarize the sewing machines in 3 basic groups that can be chosen among them according to the needs of the user and the material cost, which are:

1: Manual sewing machines:

It is a type of old sewing machine that was used a long time ago, where this type can be found in stores, and it is a machine with a foot pedal used to put the designer foot on it, and these machines come with fewer stitches but it is difficult to coordinate the foot and hand together.

2: Computerized sewing machines:

There is a type of machine that works with the computer and it is considered the latest type of machine. This type has very high technologies and performs many functions.

This machine also works to set tension and set up consistent stitches throughout the working period in addition to remembering the settings, and this machine can use a computer in the future.

3: Mechanical sewing machines:

Mechanical sewing machines are the best types of machines for beginners, as they have a number of advantages that make them the best:

These machines will not force you to work with your hands and feet in a tight manner.
It can be cleaned and maintained easily and regularly, by putting a small amount of oil on the metal joints, which saves money.
And if you choose a suitable machine for you of this type, it will live with you for a longer period without requiring additional maintenance.

For everyone who desires to tailor clothes in distinct shapes by himself and has the talent for that, and wishes that he knows the best types of home sewing machines in order to buy them and start working from inside the house and the best types of machines are:

It is a wonderful and distinctive machines in its wonderful shape, and it is a machine that works on all kinds of fabrics with poor light fabrics or heavy fabrics, as it has a variable feeding feature that feeds the machine with the fabric, and it is also possible through this machine to control the length of the stitches as well as their width.
This type also features that the machine is fast and light and does not have frequent faults, as it can work about 1300 stitches per minute, its price is not considered high in relation to its capabilities.

This type of good type, which despite the small size of the machine, but it has a large capacity to repair and sewing for many and many fabrics and textiles in a unique and unique way, and this machine save the space that the large machine takes at home in addition to its speed and lightness in sewing.
Also, people who are beginners in the field of sewing can work on it with ease, and the user can control the length of the loop very easily, and there are 27 needles for use.

3: Sinbo Sewing Machine:

This type of machine is very small in size, as it is one of the smallest machines that can be found on the market, and at the same time works in a way that fascinates who uses it.
This machine is characterized by a few malfunctions, as it works as a foot substitute like professional machines, but it is easy to handle, as this machine is distinguished by the fact that it can work with the battery in addition to electricity, which makes you not stop working when the power is off, and it must be done Regular maintenance of it.

4: DragonFly 712 Sewing Machine:

This machine is one of the best machines that a housewife can use, as it enables the housewife to do the tuning of the stitch by herself, in addition to working on it without complication, as it is characterized by that the length of the stitch can be adjusted easily, and it can be used in training those who wish In teaching sewing.

5: Okara 4 in 1 Hand Sewing Machine:

It is a very smart machine despite its small size, it offers a lot of jobs at the same time, it works easily with professionals as well as for beginners.
One of the advantages of this machine is the presence of a LED bulb that is operated during work to facilitate and facilitate sewing on the person using the machine, it can operate by direct electric current, and it is possible to operate with batteries and requires 4 batteries to work without electricity.

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