Types of sewing machine

Types of sewing machine

Types of sewing machine

Sewing machines are an essential tool, which must be available in every home.
Sewing can be learned easily, and knowledge of the basics of sewing is also sufficient to use sewing machines to adjust and narrow your wide clothes, install buttons, etc.
The latest model sewing machines are a mixture of many advanced features and are easy to operate.

Basically, sewing machines are categorized based on their functions, and they are also categorized based on their features like sewing, quilting and embroidery.
Sewing machines can be classified into five types:

Mechanical sewing machine
Electronic sewing machine
Compact or automatic sewing machine
Embroidery machine
Butterflies sewing machine

Mechanical sewing machines

These machines are also called manual machines / sewing machine / treadle sewing machine / home sewing machines where basic settings are manually made by user. These machines are best suited for beginners who want to learn sewing from the basics.
It is a simple "sewing machine" with very little, inexpensive and easily fixable features.
These sewing machines are affordable compared to computer and electronic sewing machines.
The advantages of this type
- It has built-in piston, adjustable stitch length, bottom loading roller, adjustable tensioning amount, mono stitch (straight and back).
Mechanical sewing machines are not suitable for sewing thick fabrics such as jeans and leather.

Electronic sewing machines

This type is better than the previous type and is characterized by a large number of stitches and their diversity
Its arm movement relies on a small, lightweight motor that is attached to a pedal to easily control the movement of the sewing machine
It may contain a liquid crystal screen to choose stitch patterns
Which ranges from 7 to 12 stitches, and in some types it may reach 24 stitches
This type also offers many advantages, such as installing buttons and making holes for them
There is also a pattern of zigzag that can be used as an alternative to the ability to roll, may not be of the same quality, but it is not bad in any case.
Another great feature of this type is the use of the pedal kit to add several additional features

Computerized sewing machines

High-tech sewing machines that may be connected to the Internet, or download designs from cards connected to a computer.
These devices are best for industrial use.
Stitches may have a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 200.
Computerized sewing machines are large-sized machines with multiple needles and multiple storage
Sewing uses,
Quilting, embroidery
And other uses where it is used for work that needs very high speed as well as for heavy sewing where these machines are more efficient and speed
It is considered more suitable for industrial purposes
An advantage of this type is sewing in an automatic mode
Where the speed and the strength of the stitches are set, as well as their type, and the machine works automatically according to the specified data

Embroidery machines

They are machines for designing various patterns of embroidery on fabric. Often electronic sewing machines can be used for embroidery
This machine contains patterns that exceed those of electronic or computerized
It is often used industrially because ordinary tailors do not need all of the features and features that it offers, as well as for its very high price.
Compared to other sewing machines with less functionality
Also, this type of sewing machine is not suitable for beginners or hobbyists
It is the best choice for professional and experienced tailors

Rolling machine

Or cleaning machines used for dressmaking stitches or cleaning the ends of fabrics
And its types differ according to the number of yarns used in it
Where there are types used only two threads and there are other types with 3 threads
And others with 4 and the last type contains 5 threads
The higher the quality, the better the sewing
These machines are often used for industrial use
It is used to sew curtains and decoration
And cleaning clothes as it contains a blade cleaning the ends of the sewing


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