The best types of sewing and embroidery machines

Sewing and embroidery machines are small-sized machines used to convert raw materials (different types of fabrics) into finished products (clothing, furnishings) and embroidery to improve their final appearance so that they are ready to use, and of course relying on these machines helps to produce products quickly and loudly. The degrees of accuracy, and this has gone to a lot of people to open factories and workshops for the production of embroidered clothes and furnishings as well as many men and women headed to open small sewing shops and micro-household projects and all of them need to buy sewing machines to use in production processes, this is even if you are one of these people and planning to buy A machine to use in home production, or if you are one of the people planning to open small shops or workshops and need to buy a set of sewing machines, please follow us in this article, where we will show with pictures the best types found in the market.

The best types of sewing machines:

Bernina artista 630E Sewing , Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery System
It is the first electronic machine in the world and it contains a touch screen (Touch) and it has a Microsoft Windows operating system and this system contains beautiful looking icons as it gives verbal alerts to the user also contains simple lists and in addition to that there are many educational sewing programs as there are many Of the exercises and models that help to teach and develop the trainee quickly, there is also a USB port that can be connected to the machine through a computer or laptop.

Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine with 600-Stitches Electronic Auto Pilot
This amazing machine can be connected to a computer or laptop, then you can choose any model from the top and the machine will be embroidered on the fabric, the following are the pictures of it.

Brother LS2125 25-Stitch Function Free Arm Sewing Machine
This machine is one of the suitable options for beginners as it is inexpensive as it is the ideal choice for repairing and adjusting clothes, this machine contains 14 stitches and 24 stitching jobs and contains many other features including automatic four-step lugs, automatic shuttle roller, stitching with double needles, Sewn with a moving implant.

4- Gemsy:
Gemsy Single Needle Industrial Sewing Machine SG8900 Complete Set ...
It is considered one of the best modern sewing machines as it contains an electronic board through which the number of stitches can be controlled and after this number is finished you stop working and cut the thread automatically without your intervention.


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