Best Handheld Sewing Machines

Best Handheld Sewing Machines

What is a handheld sewing machine

A machine which is operated being held with hand instead of rigid support on a solid surface is called hand held sewing machine. It is a light and portable sewing machine which has been designed to replace hand stitching but not to replace general sewing machines which are large, strong and are used in textile industries, boutiques, tailor’s shops and even in some homes. A handheld sewing machine is also called cordless sewing machine which is held in hand to sew.

Are you tired of hand stitching an endless pile of torn socks? But afraid it is going to cost you an arm and a leg for a stationary machine?

Well then, a hand held sewing machine might just be what you are searching for. These ultra portable machines are cheap, light weight, and are perfect for on-the-spot repairs of silk, crafts, denim, wool, and leather fabrics.

The biggest benefits from using a portable sewing machine is portability and convenience. No longer shackled to your stationary sewing machine, you can roam free and make repairs anywhere. You can make repairs while on vacation, on a bus or train, or from the comfort of your living room sofa. Instead of being isolated from your family, you can catch up with the latest stories from your kids, while repairing a few loose inches in a seam.

A hand held machine can be powered by two methods, hand-powered models, or battery powered. The cheaper models are generally hand-powered, and create sloppy stitches. Hand cranked models provide an inconsistent stream of power to the needle, and the stitches can be easily pulled out. The battery-powered machines, create stronger, tighter, and more consistent stitches. A more consistent stream of power is feed to the need, so each stitch is more precise.

To operate the hand held sewing machine you have to hold it in one hand, you don’t have two hands free to guide the material. This might mean you’ll have to pin folded seams. Or not, depending on how clever you are and how neat you want it to be.

One of the most common problems encountered by hand held sewing machine users is, what to do at the end of of the stitching. On a traditional machine, you can pull the thread, to get enough to tie off the seam. However hand held sewing machines have to be run in mid air, in order to produce enough thread to close the seam. Unless you read the instructions that came with your model, you might spend many frustrating hour trying to complete a simple seam.

Novice users may notice the stitching just pulls out, because it doesn’t have a second bobbin underneath. Actually if you pull the tail end thread through the fabric, you can tie it off and it’ll hold the stitching. And the thread actually loops onto a hook underneath, where you would expect a second bobbin to be, and that’s how it makes stitches.

So if you are looking for a machine that is handy, very light, and portable, then go out and purchase a hand held sewing machine. On the other hand if you are looking to do elaborate patchwork quilting, or sewing a dress then consider buying a stationary machine.

Off late hand held sewing machines have gained tremendous popularity because of some features. It promises to remove the inconvenience of daily small stitching tasks at home. A hand held sewing machine is also very easy to use. Anyone can use it to stitch pieces of cloth or anything that one requires. Such sewing machines also promise to complete the task of sewing beautifully and create tight and straight stitches in very little time. Moreover they are affordable and are priced between $6 and $35. For all these reasons the hand held sewing machine had been able to catch attention of large section of people and almost every household where such need of stitching arises.

Another great feature of such handheld sewing machine is its portability. It can be carried easily in your bag even when you travel because of its compact size. It practically weighs very little and you won’t even feel carrying it in your hand bag too. Few machines can also be dissembled and reassembled. You can sew with it anywhere – at home, hospitals, offices, railways stations, airports or any such place where you can sit comfortably and sew.

A hand held sewing machine finds quite good attention from students too. They can use this machine to sew and complete small projects with ease. You don’t need to use the bulky machines to do the job. Just hold the machine at your hands and start sewing the cut clothes. An ideal machine for similar jobs and quick repairs! Most machines are powered by AA Batteries or similar power source to run the motor that helps in quick sewing. It is also possible to find hand held sewing machines powered by your hand.

Is it right to say that you are sick of hand sewing stitching machine? At the same time worried about the cost of a stationary machine? But, you don’t have to be worried now because; handheld sewing machine is the right choice for you. Once upon a time, it used to be awkward to stitch up or seam by hand due to that manual insertion of a string with the needle and also to do that, you need to have sharp eyes and a stable hand. At that point the massive sewing machine came on account of the modern transformation. It required the utilization of hand and foot to impel the machine to begin sewing string to fabric. It made swing easier than ever.

Advantages of handheld sewing machines

The aforementioned ultra conveyable machines are flawless for on the spot repairs of denim, woolen fabrics, silk, etc. The machines are also light weight and inexpensive. To craft the stitching trouble-free, the Handheld Sewing Machine was made and contrasting to the huge and cumbersome machine that must be worked at the time of stationary, this sort of new machine can just be held at the time not being stationary and is extremely mobile.

Due to its easy process the mothers or the home makers are really fond of it. Convenience and mobility, these two are the main positive points of the Handheld Sewing Machine. You can wander unlimited and make repairs at whatever place that may be. As a substitute for being detached from your family, you can enjoy with your children with their most recent stories, while at the same time you are stitching.

Hand held sewing machines are the most diminutive of all sewing machines. They are quill weight ordinarily just a pound or two at most and have a great minimal foot shaped impression that makes them usable in even the most confined conditions. Be that as it may pretentious that you need to transform your work stand, table, or nightstand into a transitory workspace, then a Hand held sewing machines could be the reply. Assuming that you have even a couple of inches of self space, you can store a Hand held sewing machine.

At the same time rack space is truly nonobligatory, on the grounds that most machines are minor enough to stow away in a drawer. This makes them impeccable for a residence room or office. The entire thought behind Hand expected swing machines is to remember make sewing quick, modest, and favorable. While they don’t incorporate all the characteristics of full-measured machines, they unmistakably offer astounding flexibility and productivity in a modest bundle.

Hand held swing machines extremely modest forms of standard sewing machines with constrained characteristics, offer the most choices. Numerous Hands held swing machines incorporate variable velocities and supple fix length, foot pedal control and other “vast machine” characteristics.

The TV advertisements of hand held sewing machines do create some kind of interest in them from your side, isn’t it? Why not? After all such a device can help you when you are in need of urgent sewing job of some torn cloth or wish to stitch something rather fast. The handheld sewing machine is really a creative product. It is a remarkable product to help you switch to easy stitching instead of hitting the heavy or bulky machines for smaller jobs. If you are really looking forward to buy one, it is a great idea to do so. Just have a look at 4 advantages of having a hand held sewing machine and realize how much your decision is correct.

  1. First and foremost advantage of hand held sewing machine is that it is very easy to stitch with it and the job is done quite quickly. What requires much time and labor in bulky sewing machine can be done in few minutes with a handheld sewing machine. You just need to put the cloth you need to stitch in the gap where the needle moves in simple harmonic motion to stitch the cloth.
  2. Second advantage of a hand held sewing machine is that it is portable and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you like. Because of its size and weight it can fit any corner of your bag. Instant handling and convenience of carrying it make it perfect choice for everyone. You can sit at any corner of your room and engage in stitching. One can use it even when watching TV and talking with someone.
  3. Hand held machines don’t need electricity to run. Some are run by rechargeable AA batteries. This enables to start stitching at any place you like. Few low end hand held sewing machines are powered by your hands. You just need to press and release your fingers to make it stitch.
  4. The last but not the least hand held machines come at modest price. When you compare it with top of the line bulky sewing machines such a machine gives you better value of money. Average cost of a hand held sewing machine lies between $8 and $40.

Types of handheld sewing machines

Types of handheld sewing machines

Battery powered and hands powered are the two different types of hand held machines. The shabbier models are usually controlled by hands and do shoddy stitches most of the time. But, if you want stronger and tighter stitch then opt for the battery powered machine.

Process to buy a good handheld sewing machine

There are numerous sorts of hand held sewing machines are available in the market. So just do some tests at the time of buying the machines, which can help you to find your required one. All the machines come up with cash back ensure, which is itself a great thing.

If you find the machine is not up to the mark, what you had anticipated at the time of buying, then you can replace that one and go for another one. Also you can check all the reviews of the machines online before the purchase. So in this way you can know lots of positive and negative things about the machines.

Disadvantage of handheld sewing machines

The most obvious problem for the users of hand held sewing machine is what you are going to do after stitching ends. Because it is totally different from the conventional sewing machines, in which you can drag the string to catch adequate to fix the line of stitching.

At last, it is better to purchase a handheld sewing machine which can keep up your expectations according to your requirements and necessities.

Today it is a world where there is a lack of space and time in every sector. And when it comes to machineries as well the things that you seek for in it are- quality, efficiency and portability.  Thus, when it comes to sewing machines as well you do not need the huge machines to block your room’s space. What you need is a handheld sewing machine which is portable and will occupy just a little bit space and is very handy.

Sewing machine; how useful?

You might think that sewing is not your cup of tea and you don’t really require a sewing machine, you will take it to a tailor every time you need. But suppose you are going to your office and suddenly the stitch of the dress gets opened. Again, your child might need you to sew her or his dress immediately and since children forget a lot of things you cannot blame them. Now for these small issues you cannot every time go to your tailor for a solution. All you need is a sewing machine.

Importance of Handheld Sewing Machines

When we are talking of emergencies you really cannot predict when your sewing emergency might occur. You might be in your road trip when the dress’ stitch snaps. Thus, if you had your cabinet sewing machines at that time then you will not be able to utilize it, you obviously cannot carry those huge machines everywhere you go. But again the Handheld Sewing Machine come to the rescue again. They are so small and portable that they can be carried in a purse when you travel. They are pretty light in weight and as per the name suggests can be held by your hand only.

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