Horn Sewing Cabinets

Horn Sewing Cabinets

Horn Sewing Cabinets

Horn of America has tremendous pride over its achievements. The simple reason behind this: all of the company’s products are America-made.

This is no trivial point. The term “America-made” refers to more than merely the country or region where commodities are produced. Such a label denotes both high quality and quick service. All merchandise the company produces at its new factory in Sutton, West Virginia is affordable due to low overhead and nonexistent import tax. All aspects of production—advertizing and sales, construction, packaging and shipping—are under company control and eyed with extreme care at all times. As a result, everything is assured high quality. The company’s limited lifetime warranty, with its promise of free exchange over defective and damaged parts, attests to this.

Despite the company’s relatively young age, its dealer network is widespread and dedicated to both manufacturer and customers. For this reason, the company’s product line is available in number of locations. Merchandise is shipped out daily.

The company specializes in cabinets. Prominent among them are the Elite and the Quilter’s Dream with an electric lift and abundant storage space. Yet each model, each make, is unique.

Horn cabinets are very stylish yet extremely functional. The fact there are so may distinct types of horn cabinets attests to the sophistication of both the field of sewing and the company. Embroidery, quilting, craft and stitching are but four prevalent kinds. Combination electric/quilting cabinets allow for a multipurpose work area for those individuals, like professionals, who are versatile.

One example of Horn models related to the above point is the aforementioned Elite series. Models like the 5278 and 5280 feature electric lifts for lowering the sewing machine under the countertop to allow for other tasks. Yet, the 5280 model facilitates quilting capabilities, just like the Horn 3280. The similarity in model numbers denotes a crossover series. Horn sewing tables are spacious and include ample storage in a variety of ways, from adaptable shelving to stacked drawers and mobile caddies. The wonderful thing here is that not only are these cabinets multifaceted but they are customizable to the needs of the individual. The company goes out of its way to ensure quality because it is oh-so important to so many people.

Prices of Horn Sewing Cabinets

The average price range for sewing cabinets starts at around $340.00 and goes as high as $2000.00. The actual cost of a product, however, depends on a myriad of factors: make, model, design, construction and materials used, features, size, vendor and, of course, the country or location of production. Promotional events also affect the price and allow customers to save $500.00 or more. That definitely makes a difference.

Benefits of Horn Sewing Cabinets

Those seeking to buy quality sewing or quilting cabinets from Horn of America benefit by way of fast and efficient services. The company’s knowledgeable and experienced dealers are always available and accessible in many areas, enabling consumers to keep their money in local markets. The main benefit is the most obvious one: the acquisition of a sewing cabinet with a design that facilitates multiple capabilities. Such a product is certainly worth the cost as it beats buying various other items elsewhere that collectively meet the same needs. Users save a ton of money, and that, of course, is the ultimate benefit.


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