Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

Proper maintenance of a sewing machine is essential for a long life. It is a habit of many sewers to simply leave a machine as is and come back to it later when they are crafting. There is nothing wrong with this, in theory, but there is always the possibility that something will happen to the machine. Be sure to regularly clean your sewing machine. You will need to use a microfiber dusting cloth to do so. There are dozens of little nooks and crannies in a sewing machine where dust and threads from fabric lay to rest. You will find that as these build up they effect the ability of your machine to function properly. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner you can do an initial cleaning. Simply use the vacuum hose to suck up any dust and threads that may have fallen deep into the pieces of the machine. Next you will want to use a damp cloth to wipe down your machine. You can use a simple cleaning solution such as dawn dish soap in the process. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your sewing machine as they may cause parts to rust or deteriorate. Always be sure to remove all the pieces that you can for a good, deep cleaning.

After you have completed these first two steps you will use your microfiber cloth to get any last residue off of the machine. You can do this by wrapping a small flat head screw driver with the cloth. This will give you the edge needed to get deep into the little nooks and crannies of your machine. When not in use you should cover your machine. If you do not have one, you can sew one yourself or purchase one from the retailer you bought the machine from. Many of the newer models of sewing machines come with carrying cases which allow you to store everything in a sturdy plastic case.

Organizing your sewing area

Organizing your sewing area is easier than you might think. There are plenty of organizational totes that crafters like to use. However you can convert several of your own home accessories into craft storage that is easily accessible for you. For example, a great way to store fabric is to use file hangers. Simply drape each piece over the file hanger and keep in a drawer or file cabinet. This way when you want to access your fabric you can see it all in one place instead of having to unpack numerous craft supplies. For piping, cording and ribbon, a plastic basket with holes in the side can be used to keep them from being tangled. Simply place all of your ribbons in a row and string their ends through the holes in the side of the basket. These baskets are typically found in the home office section of a department store. For rulers, cutting mats and scissors, be sure to hang them up out of reach from pets and children. The best way to store thread is to create a pin board. A simple piece of framed plywood, painted to look nice can be converted into sewing thread storage. Use alternating rows of large screws and small screws. The large screws are for the roll of thread and the small screw is where you can hang the bobbin with the same color thread. This keep everything together so it is easily available when you need it for a craft project.

As far as appliques and other details go, storing these items in labeled plastic containers on a bookshelf is the easiest way to stay organized. You can use this for buttons, appliques, clips or other notions that are used for sewing. Finally, all of your needles and pins should be kept in a pin cushion. Straight pins and needles come with some sort of carrying case, however it is often easy to get pricked with these cases. Take the guess work out of the process by making your own cloth needle holder and pin cushion so that everything is facedown and again, easily accessible when you need it.

If you are still searching for great storage ideas for your sewing machine, fabric or other notions, you can find hundreds of ideas on the internet. There are hundreds of bloggers today that operate website specifically devoted to helping people organize their craft supplies. Many of the ideas are very creative and designed for small budgets.


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