Singer 2259 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 2259 Sewing Machine Review
Singer has a long and successful history of producing quality sewing machines that both beginners and professionals can rely upon with confidence, and the Singer 2259 Tradition continues to uphold this heritage. Considering the low price and the basic machines that stand as its competition, the Tradition 2259 exceeds expectations in both performance and features. It would serve well as the first sewing machine for someone just beginning to learn, as a secondary or backup machine for a professional, or as a spare for a teacher to have on hand.

The most important consideration of any sewing machine is thread tension. With a machine that offers poor tension control, efforts to sew the simplest seam will result in frustration and poor stitching. The Singer Tradition 2259 performs excellently in this respect, delivering stitches that are precise and even for beautiful completed projects. While the system sets tension automatically to provide stable,quality,stitches, the experienced user is free to prepare for special projects by overriding the preset tension.Those precise stitches are easily adjusted by using two dials on the machine. The top dial, used to select the desired length of the stitches or width of zigzags, allows for the appropriate amount of thread to be used according to the task at hand. The right adjustment will ensure that no bunching occurs regardless of the fabric type, and will produce strong seams. The bottom dial presents a straightforward array of stitch choices, of which this Singer has nineteen.By far, the most commonly used stitch in sewing is the straight stitch, followed by the zigzag, and this Singer creates even lines in both, regardless of material type or thickness.

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Some users may be disappointed by the small selection of decorative stitches, especially when compared to digital machines with their vast libraries, but the included stitches are more than enough for sewing clothing, quilting, and crafts. The nineteen stitches include six basic stitches, seven decorative stitches, and five stretch stitches, enough to finish a project and give it that extra touch.When finishing a variety of projects, the included feet prove quite useful.

The Singer 2259 Tradition allows even a tentative learner to tackle projects that include buttons, as its automatic four-step buttonhole function eliminates the intimidating aspects from the task. Along with the use of the button and buttonhole feet, projects can also easily be given closure with the zipper foot.

Another convenient aspect of this machine is the ease with which one foot can be exchanged for another; the presser feet snap on to allow for multiple changes in the middle of a project without losing the flow of productivity.Another important aspect of any sewing machine is the sensitivity of the foot pedal while sewing, which a Singer 2259 review cannot neglect. Some machines leap into top speed at the first hint of pressure, but this Singer lets the user start slow. The motor gives a hint of a growl with initial pressure, then settles smoothly up to working speed with quiet operation. One potential annoyance is the slick bottom of the pedal, which can cause sliding about on uncovered floors, but this is easily remedied with rubber feet or similar solutions.

This Singer Tradition is lightweight and easy to carry, especially with the use of its built-in carrying handle, but a few simple steps will see it mounted securely to a cabinet. Despite the light weight, this machine’s inner frame is made of heavy duty metal, giving it a rigid skeleton to protect the alignment of the delicate mechanisms so that sewing is smooth and free of skips. Another feature of the basic construction is the on-board storage, which houses the array of included accessories and is easily accessed. These include the feet, bobbins, needles, a bottle for oil, a lint brush and seam ripper, and a screwdriver. The free arm allows plenty of room for collars, cuffs, and pant hems to be maneuvered, although the harp is a little low for big quilting projects.

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Casual sewers and those who rely on their machines for their income can both enjoy the performance and features of the Singer 2259, and newcomers to the world of sewing can easily launch into a project with this model. This machine provides convenience, from automatically winding bobbins to making buttonholes easy. Its feed dog system, which has four segments to accurately move fabric along, and its presser foot lifter, which is extra high to allow for bulkier layers of fabric, provide a smooth journey to a pleasing finished project.


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