Some Sewing Machine Accessories You Might Need

Some Sewing Machine Accessories You Might Need

Once you have your new sewing machine, make sure to carefully read the instruction booklet that came with it. Another good idea would be to make a list of sewing machine accessories you may need before starting any projects. This step is often forgotten or skipped, which can make your sewing experience more difficult. Here are some basic sewing machine accessories every future seamstress or crafter should have.

Sewing Machine Accessories


Having an assortment of high quality thread will come in handy, especially if you plan to do a lot of sewing. A cotton-wrapped polyester is the type of thread often used for most sewing projects.

Sewing Machine Needles

It’s so frustrating when you’re zipping along on your sewing machine and the needle breaks. Make sure you always have a few extra sewing machine needles on hand just in case. You’ll be especially grateful for extra needles if you’re working a time sensitive sewing project.


You’ll need lots of bobbins, especially if your sewing projects call for a lot of different colors of thread. When you go to purchase your bobbins, make sure to bring the brand or model number of your sewing machine with you.

Pin Cushion

Whether you use a wrist or a regular pin cushion, it will make pinning fabric pieces together go much faster. Having a place to quickly and safely put your pins as you remove them when sewing or assembling your project will save you time and frustration.

Straight Pins

All-purpose straight pins are a good choice for pinning most types of fabrics. These pins are available with flat or round heads. Most prefer to use pins with a round head because they’re easier to handle.

Steam Iron

If you plan on doing a lot of sewing, a steam iron is going to be a must-have for ironing your fabrics and seams. A sturdy ironing board is also important.

Seam Ripper

A seam ripper is a magical eraser for anyone who loves to sew. There is nothing more frustrating than when you sew a crooked seam or the wrong edges together. A good seam ripper is needed for both removing the wrong stitches quickly or opening buttonholes.

Fabric Scissors

Choose a pair of scissors that is used only for cutting fabric. If you use your fabric scissors for cutting paper, it will dull the blades. The best option for a die-hard crafter would be to get two to three pairs of scissors for different purposes. A good pair of fabric scissors will almost effortlessly glide across the fabric when you’re cutting it for your sewing project.

Sewing Box

A sewing box is essential for keeping all your sewing machine accessories and parts together and organized. Choose a sewing basket that has folding shelves and different sized compartments for maximum storage.

Sewing Machine Carrying Case

A case will help to keep your machine from getting dusty or banged around. If you sew in many places of your home or business, a case will make it much easier to carry your sewing machine from place to place.

Fabric Pen

A fabric pen is a foolproof way to transfer patterns and other markings on your fabric. The markings from a fabric pen will wash right out. If you use a regular pen for marking fabric, it won’t wash out.

Tape Measure

Precise measurements are needed in many sewing projects. A tape measure will help you make sure your measurements are exact and seams are straight. It’s also necessary to have a tape measure if you need to make alterations or a hem on a piece of clothing.

Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set

This Fiskars set includes a rotary cutter, cutting board and an acrylic ruler, which are the essential tools needed to start your quilting project. This cutting set is perfect to take with you on the road or for a quilting class.

Dress Form

Dress forms come in all shapes and sizes. If you plan on making a lot of clothes, a three dimensional dress form is a must-have. It allows you to view how the garment will fit and look from all angles. When the garment is on the dress form, it also gives you a chance to make last minute alterations and tweaks.


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