Where To Find Free Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

Where To Find Free Sewing Patterns

For many sewers, whether you’re a hobbyist or an at home business person, you will often be on a hunt to find sewing patterns free – and sometimes it’s a mission. There are plenty of free sewing patterns available on the internet – but who really has time to sift through all of the superfluous scams to get to the good stuff? This short, comprehensive list should provide a good road map in the right direction to all stitching needs without all the hassle of the hunt.

Freeneedle is a site established in 2005 and home to thousands of sewing patterns. The site is an absolute library of references from home patterns for sewing decor like pillows, draperies, and seat covers to blankets to apparel, including infant clothing and miscellaneous accessories like headbands and bags! The patterns are posted by users on bulletin board style pages with a picture and brief description for each pattern to make browsing a breeze but picking a single project from so many options can be a challenge. Also included is a link back to the original site where the pattern was found, so if you like the pattern there is a chance you can find more things like it quite easily! Accompanying most projects is a list of comments and reviews providing helpful advice for anyone who wants to tackle the project. And for further help, the site hosts additional boards providing hints on decor, sewing tips, and techniques.

AllFreeSewing is, more or less, just as its name denotes. This site is filled to the brim with patterns covering an expansive range. Free sewing projects from this site could be a crafty dress from re-purposed clothing or a more intense endeavor chosen from one of the site’s many offered categories. The site covers apparel for men, women, and children, holiday patterns, quilts and articles for the home, and even wedding and bridal projects! This is one page where sign up is necessary, but rest assured that it comes at no extra cost. Simply enter a viable email, your username will be generated for you, and you’re free to browse! Sift through a variety of patterns, check out video tutorials, see tips and tricks from fellow users, and survey reviews from your peers on an array of sewing products! Superscribe to their fresh newsletter and always stay in the know on additions and fashion updates to the site!

BurdaStyle is the place to find trendy, free patterns and projects revolving mainly around clothing. Users post pictures of their completed projects, often linking back to the original source, share results, instructions, and tips for other aspiring fashion oriented sewers. Creating an account is as simple as sharing your Facebook information, much like Pinterest and once you’re in, you are free to view the boards, browse and post in the forums, and download patterns, a great many of which are free and available in PDF format. You will obviously have to complete the sewing projects by yourself, but rest assured that all free patterns for sewing are accompanied by detailed instructions and a helpful crowd is waiting to share their wisdom on the boards! All you need to do is explore and ask.

So Sew Easy is just one more stop along the never ending search for free sewing patterns online. While the site doesn’t offer an exhaustive list of patterns or a whole library of contributors, its author does supply her readers with a selection of versatile, free sewing patterns and a photo gallery of her own work where they are put to use, exhibiting the flexibility of the patterns despite a huge lack of variety. With So Sew Easy, there is no sign-up process, just a few tools at your disposal. In addition to patterns and pictures, the site author provides a few tutorial articles and videos as well as a link to showcase her projects for helpful, happy sewing!


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