10 Best Cheap Sewing Machines in the Market

10 Best Cheap Sewing Machines

Welcome to our "The 10 Best Cheap Sewing Machines" guide.

In this article, we will try to help you make the right choice for buying a sewing machine. We have selected the 10 best sewing machines at the cheap price.

Whether you are a beginner and want to implement your ideas or someone already experienced looking for a quality sewing machine, we are going to detail what to consider before deciding on one model or another.

This guide is divided into:

Before Buying a Sewing Machine: What Should You Consider?

Tips for choosing the best sewing machine.

The 10 best sewing machines on the cheap market

Before Buying a Sewing Machine: What Should You Consider?

Before deciding to buy a sewing machine, there are a number of factors that must be considered in order for our decision to be successful.

What should you consider?

First of all, and how any purchase: we must assess our needs!

We need to be very clear what kind of use we are going to give our machine, a common mistake is to buy a machine that is better than our needs or on the contrary to buy a basic machine that is below our desires. Based on your usage, we will recommend one product or another.

If sewing is just a hobby and all you want is a sewing machine for doing odd jobs (costumes for children, etc.) a simple and basic sewing machine from a good brand is more than enough.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of sewing, we recommend an average machine: do not buy the simplest machine because you will be in short supply, nor the most expensive and professional because you cannot yet get out of it. full of benefits.

What are the technical characteristics to take into account?

First, the brand.

A sewing machine is generally more rugged than other devices, they are designed to last for years, so we recommend that you purchase a sewing machine from a recognized brand. In addition to the quality of the brand, warranty and after-sales service are key points.

The brands that dominate the market today are Singer, ALFA (the two classic brands), Brother and Toyota (the Japanese manufacturers).

As you will see below, these brands dominate our selection.

While there are inexpensive sewing machines out there for under $ 50, we didn't want to include them on our list. it’s not because we have a deal with a particular brand, it’s just that we relied on consumer opinions: (bad plastic components that break, bad after-sales service, etc.)

More things to consider:

  • Structure: metallic interior structure. Very important that the components are made of metal, because our machine has to last a long time.
  • Power: an ideal machine that can sew any fabric: synthetic leather, jeans, leather, etc. Of course, a cheap sewing machine sometimes doesn't have enough to handle all the power of fabrics.
  • Weight: High weight often equates to sturdiness, but in cases where we need to move our machine from side to side, it is best to choose the lighter model.
  • You pressers: automatic transmission? Very useful
  • Stitches: level and variety, It is true that in the vast majority of the time it is enough to use a few, but come on ... it is worth having more
  • Stitch adjustment: one of the aspects to forget and which is very important: it is much better if our sewing machine allows us to adjust the stitch width and length.
  • electronic sewing machine: The best models of sewing machines incorporate electronics. quite expensive products, but obviously amazing.

Buying a sewing machine is an investment, so it is better to go for a good brand and not save € 20 for a cheaper one.

The 10 best cheap sewing machines on the market

10. Singer Serenade 8280
Singer Serenade 8280Singer Serenade 8280
The most economical sewing machine. the Lowcost option for those who need a tool for home use or to start in the field of sewing.

it is a free-arm sewing machine with 8 different stitches. It includes a 4-step automatic buttonhole. it is ideal for people who are new to sewing. With his free arm, we can sew circular elements (trouser cuffs, shirt sleeves, etc.). The presser is adjustable by means of a lever. The winding system is horizontal.

The stitches are available: straight stitch (for darning, sewing labels or patches, for example), zig-zag sewing (overlockers, monograms, sewing buttons), darning stitch with elastic, blind stitch (for lace and hemming), stitch finish, the effect of the shell hem, decorative stitch and/or embroidery,

Power: 70W and 15W lamp motor
Weight: 6kg
Accessories included: universal feet, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, seam ripper/brush, oil, darning iron, spool holder, L screwdriver, pack needle, button sewing foot, 3-roller seam guide.

The best option for tight budgets. It’s not the best machine for basic use, but it’s great.


I am very happy! it is my first electric sewing machine and the truth that all my friends who are in the sewing tell me that this type of machine has nothing to envy to the professionals. thick fabrics, jeans, corduroy, and even leatherette fabric upholstery, very good power. I was thinking of buying a top of the line model, but my cheap choice turned out to be excellent. a wonder!

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Alfa-NEXT30-SPRINGALFA has recently refreshed its entire range of cheap sewing machines, with its NEXT series.

They have improved the visibility and accessibility of the fabric, which increases the work surface. The machines are also lighter and more compact.

This model is perfect for those who need for beginners a basic model

The big news is its “High-Grip” system, which is much faster and more efficient. Especially with large fabrics.

One of the advantages of purchasing an ALFA sewing machine is the large user community. You can take sewing lessons online.

3 year warranty.

Accessories included: Seam ripper, 70-2 / 80-2 / 90/100 needles, Buttonhole foot, darning plate, screwdriver, Zipper foot, Invisible pointed presser 

It’s my first sewing machine and I’m delighted, I never would have imagined it to be so easy to use. I recommend it, especially for people who, like me, are new to the world of the sewing machine.

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8. Singer 2250 Tradition
Singer 2250 TraditionSinger 2250 Tradition

Singer-2250-Tradition the best inexpensive sewing machine for the beginner market, especially for learning to sew.

The Singer brand is the epitome of cheap sewing machines, and its compact designs have made it easy for many users to access it.

This machine has 10 different programs for different types of stitches, automatic 4-step buttonholes, automatic bobbin winding and you can manually adjust the stitch length and width (key!). We can also adjust the zigzag.

Your machine tension adjustment system adapts to any type of fabric. she is able to sew all kinds of fabrics.

four feet (universal, eyelets, buttons and zippers) are also included. The presser foot changes automatically.

Accessories included: darning iron, screwdriver, seam/quilt edge guide, spools, needles (2020 & 2045), seam ripper/brush, oil.

DVD includes a guide for beginners with the basics: for those who want to learn to use the machine.

A very good investment for those who are starting to sew.
Perfect for beginners. this is my first sewing machine. It is very easy to use.

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7. Husqvarna Viking H Class E 20

Husqvarna Viking H Class E 20Husqvarna Viking H Class E 20

Husqvarna is a classic brand of household tools but does not have many models of cheap sewing machines.

32 types of manually adjustable stitches, automatic change of presser foot pressure, One-step buttonhole.

The available Stitch types are marked on the machine.

It also includes an accessory pack with spools, loops, needles, a screwdriver, a white sewing machine cover, and a quilting guide.


Incredible, this device for 145 €. Good quality, a lot of pluses, automatic buttonhole, adjustable stitch length and width, automatic threader (regular easy)… she is fine, and looks well done, highly recommended.

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6. Singer Simple 3221

Singer Simple 3221Singer Simple 3221

Singer Simple 3221 is the best inexpensive sewing machine for the advanced user, it is also a good investment for those new to sewing and want a machine that allows them to do more complicated things at home. middle term.

21 stitches and manually adjustable stitch regulator, automatic threader, reverse sewing function, the sewing speed of 750 stitches per minute…


It's a great machine, nothing to say, it's perfect

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25 stitches, automatic presser specially designed for thick fabrics (double height), 4 automatic buttonhole times, more working space than NEXT30,

In the official description, ALFA defines it as the most versatile of the range:

adjustable stitch width and length, zigzag width also manually adjustable

High adhesion Tension adjustment system on the fabric. The machine is easy to control and dominate.

Accessories included: pins, Seam ripper, case n ° needles 70-2 / 80-2 / 90/100, Buttonhole foot, darning plate, screwdriver, Zipper foot, invisible presser stitch


After looking at the different models, I had the opportunity to try Alfa NEXT40 SPRING, perfectly meets all my expectations. Additionally alpha allows you to take online courses to get the most out of the machine

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4. Brother FS 40 sewing machine

Brother FS 40 sewing machineBrother FS 40 sewing machine

Brother FS 40 is a Brother brand, long Japanese tradition, but only reached Europe through e-commerce, it is a mark of excellent quality in all its products (eg printers).

Brother FS 40 Electronic Sewing Machine is a great tool for beginners, those with an average skill level and for demanding users.

40 types of stitches, 5 buttonholes, all types of feet, thread cutter, reverse and reverse stitching management LCD display, lamp, manually adjustable stitch… A machine for all occasions, a very good option for less than 100 €.


I am very happy that I have chosen Brother FS 40.

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3. Singer 7463 Confidence

Singer 7463 ConfidenceSinger 7463 Confidence

This model is electronic, with a pre-programmable automatic selection of 30 stitches, automatic threader, and adjustable stitch adjustment.

The automatic tensioning system, two eyelets and 13 needle positions. it is particularly robust thanks to a high quality metal structure. automatic thread cutter, back seam, single stitch buttons and more ...

Accessories: needles, bobbins and presser foot, 2 long life LED lights (100,000 hours).

Guarantee: 25! One year limited warranty: 25 years on the head, 5 years on the motor and electronic components and one year on belts, bulbs and other accessories.


The machine is excellent for both pros and amateurs. Doesn't make too much noise in operation and having predetermined stitches is more than enough to sew all kinds. If you want a good machine, a durable and reliable brand, and SAT (technical support) points, this is a good choice, even if you are a beginner like me.

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2. Alfa Next 45

Alfa Next 45Alfa Next 45

The jewel in ALFA's crown. The best model of the NEXT series, more robust internal structure, all the functionality of the ALFA40 but with 25 stitch patterns, automatic buttonholes, manual stitch regulator, zigzag width also adjustable and all accessories of the NEXT range:

Bobbins, seam ripper, needle kit N ° 70-2 / 80-2 / 90/100, foot buttonholes, darning plate, screwdriver, presser foot for the zipper.

It's a big machine, with great service and a very active user community.

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1. Singer Curvy 8770 Sewing Machine

Singer Curvy 8770 Sewing MachineSinger Curvy 8770 Sewing Machine

The best home sewing machine with electronic management via LCD display.

Lots of options, and all professional sewing accessories, the most complete and powerful machine on the market.

225 stitch types, 6 eyelets, Singer's patented SwiftSmart threading system with automatic tension adjustment, digital pattern programming model to store them in memory,

Double needle height, 13 needle positions, carrying case, power supply for better machine control, portable and removable cabin for easier transport of the machine ...

In short: the best professional sewing machine. The price is higher, of course. it reaches 400 € and peaks.

Remember if you have any comments or questions, you can contact us through the comments on the article, our contact section, or through any of our social networks.

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