10 Inexpensive Sewing Machines (2020 Review)

10 Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Would you like to buy sewing machines at an affordable price, with good performance? So you are in the right place:

10 Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Brother PC-420

Brother PC-420

Sewing is unarguably an excellent pastime: besides being relaxing and fun, it allows you to create completely custom outfits, perform your own minor repairs on clothes and upholstery, and save money compared to purchasing finished products new or getting your clothes tailored by a professional. But central to a good sewing experience is a good sewing machine. How does the Brother PC 420 Project Runway sewing machine hold up against its competitors?

Brother PC-420 Features

Sewing machines are somewhat unique in that price ranges go all the way from the $50 budget machine to the $5000 professional-use behemoth, with a gradual scale the entire way. The Brother PC-420 comes in at around $400, making it expensive but not unreasonable as a personal, heavy-use sewing machine that can provide professional quality results for the committed sewer.

By far the most standout feature of the machine is the incredible number of stitches pre-programmed into the machine. The PC420 boasts an 294 stitches built in for easy sewing, including utility, cross, decorative, lettering, heirloom, and satin stitches. This wide variety makes for attractive flourishes on all your sewing projects; you can easily go years without using a single stitch more than once.

Expanding this even more is a special “My Custom Stitch” feature that gives creative sewers an outlet for expression beyond just their fabric choice. Using the backlit, easy to read LCD screen, users can design their own stitches the machine will then execute, storing them in the machine’s built-in memory for future use.

Of course, for a $400 machine, you would expect a number of convenience features on top of a large stitch selection, and the Brother PC420 doesn’t disappoint. A very bright independent light in the needle zone makes sure all the important details of any project are easily seen. The 6-point feed dogs, bobbin winding system, and automatic needle threader help to alleviate some of the minor repetitive annoyances that come along with sewing.

An adjustable speed control lets you manage how quickly you want to sew, while the built-in thread trimmer can be programmed to automatically cut upper and lower threads between each task – a lifesaver for those projects filled with seams, including quilts. Finally, the machine boasts a twin needle function to create appealing parallel stitches, whether for looks or additional strength.

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The box is home to a huge number of accessories to help with your sewing projects. Many specialized feet add control and quality, including presser feet, a monogramming foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, and nearly a dozen more. An accessory pouch includes vital needles, bobbins, screwdrivers, and spools to get you equipped to start sewing right away. Finally, the machine comes with a protective storage and transport case as well as a thorough manual.


So, the Brother 420 sewing machine is clearly very full-featured at an attainable price point. But how does it hold up in practice?

The vast majority of owner impressions are extremely positive. In particular, many comment that the machine is significantly quieter in operation than they expected – which as anyone who has used a less expensive sewing machine is aware, they can be extremely noisy. Similar praise has been levied on the ease of use of the machine’s more complicated features, such as navigating the many pre-programmed automatic stitches  as well as designing one’s own using the built-in screen. The feature density for the price was a point of high regard, as was the ability of the machine to punch through tough fabrics like denim without breaking a sweat.

Criticisms are rare but there are a few. Some have mentioned that the included sewing feet – the zipper foot in particular – are not quite as sturdy as they prefer, but that replacement feet work perfectly fine. A minority of customers have also experienced recurring problems with thread tension that necessitate a return or repair. Finally, while the machine has a gigantic range of stitches, their appearance seems hit or miss: some appear messier than others, meaning you will likely not use some of them.

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Overall, the complaints do not outshine the machine’s assets. An extremely rich feature set as one of the inexpensive sewing machines, sturdy construction, and reliability after heavy use make the PC-420 a quality sewing machine purchase for both the avid hobbyist sewer as well as a great learning machine for beginners interested in starting with a strong machine.

Brother HC1850

Brother HC1850

In a world where nobody has time for anything other than work, family, and sleep, it is difficult to imagine doing the basic things that had been done for hundreds of years. When it comes to sewing something together or hemming the legs on your jeans, most would rather pay someone to do it. If you aren’t one of those people and would rather work from home with your own sewing machine, the Brother HC1850 should do the job. This sewing machine is one of the best on the market and its worth every penny.

The Brother sewing machine HC1850 is almost like the Rolls Royce of the sewing machine industry. This device is made with all types of customers in mind. It is packed with features that will allow you to sew, quilt, complete basic monogramming, and even decorative stitching. It comes with a large set of 130 stitches and the sewing font needed for monogramming. There are eight styles of button holes that can be added to a piece with a single step. Among the other features with this machine is the detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, 14 different quilting stitch functions, and the capabilities to complete freehand stitching. The product comes with free lifetime phone support and has a 25 year limited warranty. The device weighs a little more than 10 pounds, so it is easy to move, but it also looks nice enough to leave atop a table. There are many more features with the Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine. There is a backlit LCD display screen that allows you to pick which pre-programmed stitch design you want to add to your material. It also has adjustable sewing speed and the built in light provides you with a bright working area no matter what time of day. For those that always have problems setting up their bobbin, simply drop it into the slot, pull the thread through to the opening and you will be set until your needle needs to be changed or you run out of thread.

When looking through the Brother HC1850 reviews, you will see countless favorites of the machine. One of the most popular parts of the HC1850 is the instruction manual that clearly states how to use all the handy functions included with the sewing machine. The machine also allows you to either use the foot pedal to operate it or use the controls directly on the machine. One of the biggest positives about this sewing machine is the number of stitches that come pre-programmed already. For anyone looking to make a business out of monogramming items, this machine will allow you to do that. While a lot of traditional sewers like using the foot pedal because that is how they learned to sew, using the machine without the pedal is something that everyone should try. With the HC1850, you can do basic patterns or something outside the box simply by using the controls on the machine.

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One of the biggest knocks seen in a Brother HC1850 review is the fact that most Brother devices breakdown quicker than other machines. The HC1850 isn’t in the same category. This product is built to last and takes away all those previous thoughts about the brand. While not necessary a knock against the Brother HC1850, a warning for some would be since the machine is computerized, should the computer ever go, you won’t be able to use the product. At that point, you can call the company and see if the computer is covered under their limited warranty for the machine. The bobbin has been known to have some problems and get clogged, but this can be avoided if you change the needle regularly and don’t overwork this machine.

Whether you are new to sewing or have been taking part in the craft for 40 years, this sewing machine is right for you. It comes out of the box with 130 different stitches that can be entered into the computer through the backlit LCD display screen on the machine. Here, you can see what pattern you want and go from there. It can be operated with or without the foot pedal and features an easy to use bobbin drop-in. There aren’t many bad parts about this machine and once you try it, you will see how well it really works and never spend your time sewing without it.

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Brother XL2600i

Brother XL2600i

The Brother XL2600i is an inexpensive, easy to use sewing machine. It is packed full of features that will appeal to beginner and expert sewers alike. The body of the machine is compact and light, yet durable at the same time. It features a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin, making it very quick and easy to thread. The bobbin can then be wound automatically with just a few easy steps. After you have threaded the machine, the automatic needle does the rest of the work for you. This eliminates the time consuming task of finding that little eye.

The Brother XL2600i sewing machine even includes a twin needle for those more decorative stitches. It comes loaded with 25 preset stitches that are good for almost every project you could think of. These stitches can be selected using the conveniently located dial. There are various stitches for garments, decorative, quilting and heirloom. There is also a one-step, auto-sized buttonhole stitch.

The built-in free arm makes sewing things like cuffs and sleeves totally effortless. The easy to control foot pedal allows for worry free operation. It includes five presser feet that will make every project a breeze. There are the buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, blind stitch foot, zipper foot and narrow hemmer foot. These presser feet are easily changed using the included screwdriver. Other accessories include a darning plate, needle pack, three bobbins, extra spool pin, accessory bag, and power cord. The storage compartment that is built into the XL2600i can hold your accessories so they are never misplaced.

There is a light illuminating the sewing surface to ensure accuracy while sewing. The built-in thread cutter eliminates the need to grab a pair of scissors all the time, which will speed up your projects. With all of these features, the convenience of the Brother sewing machine XL2600i cannot be denied. It is perfect for almost every project and person.

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The only true way to determine if this machine is what it is made out to be is to read what real users have to say about it. Customers are thrilled about a machine that has so many features packed in for such a cheap price. Beginners do not want to invest a lot but they want a quality machine that is easy to learn. That is exactly what you get with the Brother XL2600i sewing machine. One novice user said, “This is my first sewing machine and this thing is simple to use. It is amazingly easy to thread and wind bobbins and it is very powerful.” On the other hand, experienced sewers want something that will allow them to fly through projects without worrying about complications. No one wants to deal with a troublesome setup or common problems like jams. One particular Brother XL2600i review focused on how reliable this machine is. “The price couldn’t have been better, it is sturdy and of very high quality, and has all the features I could ever need as an intermediate sewer.”

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Along with reliability, many sewing machine owners are looking to be able to transport their equipment easily. The lightweight design of this sewing machine makes that possible. At just 11 pounds, it is a breeze to take it along almost anywhere. It is easy to see that the vast majority of people who own this sewing machine are more than satisfied with it. Choosing a sewing machine is a very serious decision, regardless of your expertise or style. If you decide to purchase the Brother XL2600i, you will not regret it. The quality, versatility, and overall exceptional value of this machine make it a great deal.

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

 Sometimes when you purchase a low priced “value” item you get a low quality product. The Brother cs6000i is definitely not one of these products and ultimately gives users far more than the price would suggest.

Like other models, the Brother cs6000i sewing machine computerizes or automates many tasks and adjustments that usually demands finely trained eyes and hands. The Brother cs6000i simply does so with some convenient design notions that sometimes trump its competitors’ offerings.

The Brother boasts 60 computer-programmed stitching patterns, double the 30 available in the Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine and more than double the 23 hand-dial-interchangeable patterns accessible on the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Model. Those programmed stitches include 20 decorative stitches, 20 suited to garment-construction, seven quilting stitches, and six heirloom stitches. They’re all selectable via the LCD display not just indicating the stitch in use, but displaying a sample pattern. One could argue that this variety not just in number but style makes the cs6000i the more versatile model.

The overcast and zigzag stitches could lengthen the life of your wardrobe by curtailing fraying. A basting stitch can perfect your garments’ fits by temporarily securing seams. Try the triple-stretch stitch to secure the seams when you’re ready. Give skirts, hems and sleeves literally “seamless” form with blind-hem stitches. Choose any of the seven buttonhole stitches depending on whether you’re working on light, medium or heavyweight fabrics. You can choose from any of the above at a simple button’s press.

Like the other two mentioned models, Brother’s design includes an automatic needle-threader. Your eyes may never be more grateful. It doesn’t automate bobbin winding, but it does include a diagram on the machine showing proper thread-placement. It also includes the fairly standard free arm that makes working cuffs, sleeves and hems all the easier.

It goes above and beyond “standard” convenience features by actually creating a bigger, more hospitable work area with its over-sized table that accommodates larger quilting projects and a bright work light that illuminates darker fabrics while sewing.

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More than one Brother cs6000i review can’t give enough praise upon the sheer volume of accessories included with the machine. The accessories that come with the machine include:

  • Walking, spring-action quilting, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, buttonhole and button fitting feet
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle set
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • 3 spool caps
  • Spool pin
  • 3 bobbins
  • Eyelet punch

The Brother cs6000i reviews make it clear: this is a confidence-building, dependable machine that will get anyone started immediately. It can quickly get even a novice sewer into sewing fashionable, creative, impressive garments, quilts and other fabric crafts. Users won’t merely get fast results. The quality, too, will impress time and again.

At around $150, the Brother comes in light price-wise. Users tend to remark that the price itself may make it an underestimated diamond-in-the-rough value. It does its job dependably with few recurring mechanical issues. The automation should let experienced, older users with perhaps failing eyesight and joint issues continue on sewing without sweating uncomfortably threading needles by hand. Just as importantly, this light-weight model sets up easily and works quietly without a fuss.

The automated features may at first intimidate or put off veteran sewers who have only used older machines. Review after review offers testimonials reflecting amazement at how satisfying the technology makes the Brother’s sewing experience over traditional, older, heavier machines.

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By all accounts, despite being a bit “fancy,” the Brother cs6000i sewing machine does everything anyone could need a sewing machine to do, and has dependability that promises years spent marveling at how far crafting has come since our parents and grandparents’ simpler, bygone days when Singer alone ruled the roost.

Brother SE400

Brother SE400 - cheap sewing machine

The Brother SE400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine is similar to the earlier SE350 model that received rave reviews. With even more features, it can be hard to imagine all that the SE400 has to offer. This Brother SE400 review will shed some light on the power that lies behind this multitasking machine.

Unlike the SE350, the SE400 comes with a handy USB port that enables users to download various embroidery patterns and stitches. Additionally, the USB port utilized by the SE400 gives passionate sewers and embroiderers the ability to update the amazing machine whenever they choose.

The incredible functionality of the Brother SE400 sewing machine makes it a terrific value for its low to moderate price point. The wide variety of useful features and types of sewing projects that can be performed with the SE400 make it comparable to many professional sewing and embroidery machines on the market.

Stitch Patterns

Due to the fact that the Brother SE400 is a combination embroidery and sewing machine, users can utilize a ton of stitches to successfully accomplish either type of sewing. Unlike other machines with limited functionality, the SE400 comes equipped with 67 sewing and utility stitches. Some of the more popular stitching styles are: 1-step buttonholes, side cutter, straight, heirloom, zigzag, applique, eyelet, and decorative. This is just a small sampling of the stitches available with the SE400. Additionally, all of these stitches can be modified to the user’s needs by simply adjusting the height or width, applying a mirror, and using the multi-directional or twin functions.

Users who enjoy embroidery and monogramming are sure to make use of the five letters and character fonts provided by the SE400 as well. There are also 10 styles of frame stitches to choose from that allow for many border options.

For embroidery purposes, it also comes with 70 embroidery designs that are already built into the powerful machine. Some examples of the embroidery designs are: birds, animals, flowers, plants, and roses. All that is required to use the embroidery designs is simply choosing the design pattern and following the step-by-step instructions that appear on the LCD screen. On top of all that, the LCD screen even has a setting that tells how long each step will take.

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Presser Feet

The variety of presser feet that come with Brother SE 400 are sure to come in handy as well. The 8 easy to snap-on presser feet that come with the machine are:

  • Buttonhole
  • Zipper
  • Overcasting
  • Blind stitch
  • Monogramming
  • Button fitting
  • Embroidery

There are also three settings to adjust the presser feet height. An extra up option comes in very handy for sliding thicker fabrics underneath the presser foot. Additionally, the zigzag foot utilizes a leveling button which comes in handy when hemming denim material.


Not only does the SE400 use terrific technology for even stitching and thread delivery, but it also comes with automatic features that make setting up the machine extremely easy and convenient push button controls. More notable features are:

  • Horizontal thread delivery
  • Quick-set drop in bobbing
  • Feed dogs with seven contact points
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Upper thread and bobbin sensors
  • Programmable needle
  • Speed control slider
  • Reverse and reinforcement stitch button

Unlike machines of the past, the LCD touchscreen of the SE400 makes it extremely easy for users to adjust whatever settings they choose. Large icons also make directions and stitch patterns easy to see and reference.

The embroidery capabilities of the Brother SE400 are impressive, and the setup of the machine makes it very easy to switch from regular stitching to embroidery. All that is required to embroider with the machine is simply sliding on the embroidery unit that is included with the machine. Then, all that is left to do is placing the fabric in the embroidery frame, selecting the correct needle, and ensuring the thread and embroidery presser foot are properly in place. An embroidery card slot is located on the side of the SE400 that enables users to purchase and upload extra embroidery designs if they choose.

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Many people have been raving about the diverse functionality that this all-in-one machine provides. Equipped with a USB port and embroidery card reader, Brother has certainly embraced technology with the SE400. For such a moderate price, the Brother SE400 sewing machine provides excellent functionality at an incredible value

Singer 7258

Singer 7258

The Singer Stylist 7258 is a multi-functional, electric and automatic sewing machine. It sews at up to 750 stitches-per-minute and has 100 preset stitches for an almost endless list of projects; such as sewing clothing, heirloom, decorative sewing and quilting; that can be selected with a simple press of a button. The features are designed to meet the needs of many different sewers given them more options compared to lesser equipped sewing machines. The Singer 7258 sewing machine also has an electronic start/stop feature that no longer requires foot pedals if you choose to sew without them. It has an impressive number of automatic features as well. These include automatic tension, built-in buttonholes, needle threader, presser foot pressure, bobbin winding clutch and bobbin winder stop.

The Singer 7258 Stylist can also be programmed to have the needle stop in either the up or down position, whichever you prefer. It has snap-on presser feet so no tools will be required to change feet. By simply pressing a button, you can have straight and decorative stitches tied-off without ever worrying about the durability of the stitch. The Singer 7258 sewing machine is capable of automatically choosing the perfect length and width for a stitch but can also be set manually for the dimensions of your choice. Bobbins are dropped in through the top making it easier than ever to thread the machine. It has the option of using a twin needle and can still utilize the preset stitches by lowering the width of the stitch. In addition, the needle can be set to an amazing 13 different positions to ensure that every project will be a cinch.

The machine’s feeding system has 6 segments which helps the fabric feed through in a precise manner. Sewing has never been easier with the built in LED white lamp that lights up the sewing surface. The bulb will last for up to 100,000 hours and is guaranteed to never get hot no matter how long you are using the machine. The built in storage on the Singer 7258 Stylist model sewing machine ensures quick and easy access to all of your accessories. Don’t ever lose those small pieces again. You can always be sure that the stitch selection you made has taken effect with the audible tones that emanate from the machine to confirm what you have chosen. The Singer 7258 also has a very sturdy look and feel. It has an aluminum frame inside for guaranteed stability so this machine can last for years and years.

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People really have a lot to say about the Singer Stylist 7258. Users rave about how quiet it is due to how smoothly it sews and how easy it is to learn to operate the machine. It comes with numerous presser feet and that fact alone has been said to sell people on this sewing machine. Customers have advised new sewers to skip the cheap sewing machines and go straight for this one due to how straightforward and efficient it truly is. Others are enthralled over no longer having to fear losing their accessories with a such a convenient little storage compartment. Experienced sewers are saying things like, “I have done a lot of sewing in my lifetime and I give this sewing machine a very high rating.” As well as, “I cannot say enough about this machine, it is one of the best ones I have ever used.” So often, manufacturers will talk up their product to convince consumers to buy it when in reality, it’s really not that great.



There is only one true way to know exactly how good the Singer 7258 sewing machine really is and that is to read the reviews. There is an almost endless count of positive experiences with this machine. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet of sewing, you truly can’t afford to miss out on the ingenuity and simplicity of the Singer 7258 Stylist model sewing machine.


Singer 4411

Singer 4411 - Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Anyone even vaguely familiar with sewing knows the Singer name. No one can deny the impact the brand has had on both amateur and commercial sewing. Singer has built their name on providing simple machines for home use and has long been viewed as the gateway brand for people who want to get into the sewing game. So how does their Singer 4411 Heavy Duty sewing machine carry that legacy? Built with more options than you can shake a sewing needle at, this is a machine that would be at home on the desk of anyone who enjoys stitching.

Built for Work

If you’ve dealt with sewing machines in the past that don’t hold up to the abuse you throw at it, the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 may be just what you’re looking for. When they say “heavy duty”, they mean it. Singer has included a metal interior frame, a steel bed plate, and a powerful motor. All of this combines to create one of the most durable sewing machines available in its price range. Loaded with several convenient features, it adapts to the beginner and expert alike. One of the biggest positives of this machine, however, is not in its durability but in its speed. If you’re tired of being bogged down by a machine that can’t keep up with your output, you should find the solution in this one.

Notable Features

Singer has outdone themselves in terms of giving the customer value for their dollar. Packed with feature upon feature, the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 should have enough to provide competition for sewing machines going for double the price. Here are some of the features that will be of interest to anyone in the market for a new machine:

Metal Frame – This is what gives the machine its steady action, holding everything in alignment and preventing the skips that can prove frustrating for even the most steady-handed sewing professional.

Bed Plate – The 4411 is outfitted with a stainless steel plate designed to let your fabrics move smoothly across the arm, preventing unwanted hangups.

Drop-in Bobbin — Drop-in bobbins are usually easier to use than front loading styles, and this one is no exception. It also makes it easy to watch your thread supply as you complete a task.

The machine also comes with an automatic 4-step buttonhole and 11 stitching options out of the gate, giving the consumer a lot of choice when it comes to their style of sewing.

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Added Benefits

The features enumerated thus far would be enough to place the Singer heavy duty 4411 sewing machine fairly high in the rankings of reasonably priced machines. This is why it’s especially nice to see some of the added benefits Singer has included like a cherry on top of a sundae. High among these benefits is the warranty, which gives you 25 years on the head, two years for the electrical components, and 90 days on labor. Also among the additional features:

• A free arm gives you access options you don’t have with a fixed arm

• Singer provides on board storage in the bed, putting any accessories you need at arm’s length

• Change the needle position depending on your approach to a project

• The machine advertises for 1,100 stitches per minute, making it faster than most entry-level machines on the market

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Singer 4411 Reviews

We’ve all seen appliances that sound great on paper only to realize that the performance fails to live up to the hype. From the reviews available on the Singer 4411, this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Two points of praise are repeated over and over: ease of use and the solidity of the machine. This indicates a sewing machine perfect for any beginner and anyone who is tired of dealing with machines that feel as though they were slapped together with cheap plastic and glue. You always hear the phrase, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” but the Singer 4411 proves that isn’t always the case.

Janome 8077

Janome 8077

 The Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine takes modern technical precision and experiments with letting it steady a sewing hand.

Janome 8077 Main Features

Some purists might frown upon excessive automation. Many a traditionalist crafter takes a certain pride in handmade simplicity and the intricacy of applied personal care in every detail, from choosing the fabric to applying every individual stitch. Still, proper and thoughtful automation can beget a certain undeniable, consistent quality. The Janome 8077 comes programmed with 30 “memorized” stitches. That trumps even the 23 automated stitches that Singer’s 4423 Heavy Duty Model sewing machine offers.

Additionally, where the Singer model’s stitches can be selected one after another using the circular dial, the Janome 8077 sewing machine toggles between stitches via its front stitch panel and LED display. It’s a small difference, but one that makes it a more modern machine.

Janome 8077 reviews from past and present widely praise it for its overall versatility, especially at its price point under $300. For all that it can do, users find that it does it all within a very light-weight package. It also carries out its work with an unintrusive, whisper-quiet motor. For being so light, more than one owner has found it sews better than the similar Singer Featherweight.

It seems Janome designed this model with thought toward saving time and improving efficiency for the owner. Aside from the automatic stitches, the Janome 8077 takes even coordinating foot control from a project’s equation with a handy start-stop button. The auto-declutch winds the bobbin with no fuss. The automatic needle-threader relieves eye-straining precision by making threading as simple as raising the needle, placing the hooked thread in front of it, and pulling back. Done!

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Your 8077 might mark your end to eyeballing stitch widths and lengths. Both adjust by pressing the “plus” or “minus” button as needed. Monitor both via the LED display. The clear bobbin cover lets you track your remaining thread closely, and the jam-proof seven-feed-teeth system guarantees that accidentally sewing off the fabric’s edge won’t be a problem. Set your tension with the push of a button, and go to town. The Janome will stay the course until you adjust it yourself again.

The Janome also includes useful features and accessories available with multiple other brands’ machines, including the free arm for working with pant legs, shirt sleeves and hems.

The 8077 also comes loaded with:

-One Step Automatic Buttonhole foot
-Additional Spool Pin
-Zipper foot
-Satin Stitch foot
-Seam Ripper
-Spool Caps

The 8077 allows any level of experience sewer to piece together striking, well-stitched garments and other projects with consistent quality throughout. Experienced users could be just as seduced by the time, energy and effort that the automated features save and the interface’s clarity, easy use and easy access.

The automated needle-threading, simple bobbin and intuitive interface for the programmed stitches leave fans raving about its suitability for beginning or intermediate users looking for simple, fairly inexpensive machines that will improve skills while allowing them to navigate intricate projects with consistent finished results. It lets those same users enjoy working on fabrics of any given thickness without feeling like they’re pushing the machine beyond its capabilities.

Meanwhile, experienced users fall in love repeatedly with the way the Janome easily and effectively automates menial tasks and adjustments that they would rather not have to bother with. This gives them more time to focus on the design and creativity of their current project.

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This widely comes up as the best bang-for-your-buck machine that suits every expertise level without necessarily breaking anyone’s bank in the process.

Singer 9960

Singer 9960

 The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 offers one of the best choices for home sewing in the current market. For those who are accustomed to the mechanics of the traditional sewing machine, the Singer 9960 with the automation alone makes it a top-of-the-line product. Gone is the need for the usual muscle that is required to thread needles, spin bobbins or think about how to be creative with stitches. The person sewing simply needs to decide how creative he or she wants to be.

One of the most bothersome tasks about preparing a machine for sewing is threading the needle. Often, it takes several tries before the end of the thread is successfully pushed through the eye of the machine needle. Those who have worked at sewing for many years find it more and more difficult to see the eye well enough to thread the machine. The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist takes away the guesswork. Rather than the usual spool of thread that sits on top of a sewing machine on a spool pin increasing thread tension, the thread can lay on its side in a protective case and feeds both the bobbin and the sewing machine needle. The horizontal positioning of the thread allows for a more even feed and more precise stitching. Bobbin work is quick and stress-free with this horizontal threading function. Then, with a double click of the needle threading button, the machine threads itself for sewing in six seconds.

If that isn’t enough, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 also is equipped with a one-touch automatic thread cutter that trims both the upper and bobbin threads between sewing seams.The underside of the thread case lid is beautifully designed with illustrations of all the possible stitches the singer 9960 quantum stylist sewing machine can make. Currently, the machine is capable of creating 600 stitches. This includes four different alphanumeric fonts and 13 one-touch automatic button holes. The convenience of a ready, visible stitch reference chart is a lot easier than having to pan through a screen of stitches on the digital information panel, though that is available on a clear back-lit LCD screen, too, for those who prefer it. In fact, one of the reasons this machine has become so popular is because users can choose to plug in a foot pedal or operate the sewing machine completely on auto pilot. These options make it fairly easy to accommodate a wide range of sewing skill levels and creative preferences.

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The Singer 9960 gives buyers more presser feet than they probably will ever use. Most of the time, those who sew find a need for only the all-purpose and the zipper presser feet. This attachment is what holds the fabric when it slides over the feed dogs and presser plate while the machine is in operation. The presser foot gives traction and prevents the fabric from puckering. Naturally, different types of fabric require different presser feet. Some of the presser feet included with this machine are: adjustable bias binder foot, a stitch-in-the-ditch foot for quilt seams, single-welt cording foot, a clearance plate for sewing buttons and heavy seams, an overcasting food and a narrow-hem foot. There are at least 16 other presser feet.

Singer 9960 reviews have been very favorable with many people placing the machine on order and anticipating its arrival at their door. One reviewer has noted that this machine works very well on thick and high loft fabrics like those required for quilting — and it moves over the fabric very quickly. Even the resistant traditionalists, those who feel that an automated instrument is a bit too much machine for them, have found joy in the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist. One skeptic in particular, H. Erickson-Sander, reported still being in love with the machine 18 months after purchase. This buyer says in an Amazon.com review, “Since receiving the machine a few weeks ago now I’ve completed more sewing projects than I’ve ever done in my life. This machine is wonderful and makes me feel more like a professional than a beginner (which I am!).”

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Although some buyers have been a bit hesitant because there were initial reviews which stressed the tendency for a bobbin jam in this model, Singer has already worked to correct the problem. The updated models were released in early 2011 and have a blue swirl graphic on the front of the machine. Since this issue was resolved, most reviewers have reported sewing bliss for a little more than $300 and results that rival those of machines that cost up to four times as much.

Singer 2259

Singer 2259

Singer has a long and successful history of producing quality sewing machines that both beginners and professionals can rely upon with confidence, and the Singer 2259 Tradition continues to uphold this heritage. Considering the inexpensive price and the basic machines that stand as its competition, the Tradition 2259 exceeds expectations in both performance and features. It would serve well as the first sewing machine for someone just beginning to learn, as a secondary or backup machine for a professional, or as a spare for a teacher to have on hand.

The most important consideration of any sewing machine is thread tension. With a machine that offers poor tension control, efforts to sew the simplest seam will result in frustration and poor stitching. The Singer Tradition 2259 performs excellently in this respect, delivering stitches that are precise and even for beautiful completed projects. While the system sets tension automatically to provide stable,quality,stitches, the experienced user is free to prepare for special projects by overriding the preset tension.Those precise stitches are easily adjusted by using two dials on the machine. The top dial, used to select the desired length of the stitches or width of zigzags, allows for the appropriate amount of thread to be used according to the task at hand. The right adjustment will ensure that no bunching occurs regardless of the fabric type, and will produce strong seams. The bottom dial presents a straightforward array of stitch choices, of which this Singer has nineteen.By far, the most commonly used stitch in sewing is the straight stitch, followed by the zigzag, and this Singer creates even lines in both, regardless of material type or thickness.

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Some users may be disappointed by the small selection of decorative stitches, especially when compared to digital machines with their vast libraries, but the included stitches are more than enough for sewing clothing, quilting, and crafts. The nineteen stitches include six basic stitches, seven decorative stitches, and five stretch stitches, enough to finish a project and give it that extra touch.When finishing a variety of projects, the included feet prove quite useful.

The Singer 2259 Tradition allows even a tentative learner to tackle projects that include buttons, as its automatic four-step buttonhole function eliminates the intimidating aspects from the task. Along with the use of the button and buttonhole feet, projects can also easily be given closure with the zipper foot.

Another convenient aspect of this machine is the ease with which one foot can be exchanged for another; the presser feet snap on to allow for multiple changes in the middle of a project without losing the flow of productivity.Another important aspect of any sewing machine is the sensitivity of the foot pedal while sewing, which a Singer 2259 review cannot neglect. Some machines leap into top speed at the first hint of pressure, but this Singer lets the user start slow. The motor gives a hint of a growl with initial pressure, then settles smoothly up to working speed with quiet operation. One potential annoyance is the slick bottom of the pedal, which can cause sliding about on uncovered floors, but this is easily remedied with rubber feet or similar solutions.

This Singer Tradition is lightweight and easy to carry, especially with the use of its built-in carrying handle, but a few simple steps will see it mounted securely to a cabinet. Despite the light weight, this machine’s inner frame is made of heavy duty metal, giving it a rigid skeleton to protect the alignment of the delicate mechanisms so that sewing is smooth and free of skips. Another feature of the basic construction is the on-board storage, which houses the array of included accessories and is easily accessed. These include the feet, bobbins, needles, a bottle for oil, a lint brush and seam ripper, and a screwdriver. The free arm allows plenty of room for collars, cuffs, and pant hems to be maneuvered, although the harp is a little low for big quilting projects.

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Casual sewers and those who rely on their machines for their income can both enjoy the performance and features of the Singer 2259, and newcomers to the world of sewing can easily launch into a project with this model. This machine provides convenience, from automatically winding bobbins to making buttonholes easy. Its feed dog system, which has four segments to accurately move fabric along, and its presser foot lifter, which is extra high to allow for bulkier layers of fabric, provide a smooth journey to a pleasing finished project.


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