5 Best Sewing Machines for 2020

5 Best Sewing Machines for 2020

For people who like to sew their own clothes, sheets and even fabric masks, or just want to make repairs or alterations, sewing machines are a must. The two main factors to consider when buying a new sewing machine are your skill level and your budget. In our guide, we write down which experience levels will benefit the most from each machine, including which ones will continue to serve you as you develop your skills.

If you are on a budget, you need to pay more attention to the features and extras that you really need. For the most part, the extra features come at a price, but there are deals to be found if you want to live without the accessories. For example, some of the more affordable sewing machines don't come with carrying cases and have limited stitch options. This may be suitable if you have space dedicated to your machine and are not interested in monogramming or embroidery.

While researching the best sewing machines around, we read hundreds of buyer and expert notes and reviews of dozens of models. Our selection lists machines that are efficient, durable and versatile.

Best Sewing Machines for 2020

  1. Bernette, Bernina Sew & Go 8: The best sewing machine of 2020
  2. Brother X14: The Best Sewing Machine for Beginner Sewers or Kids
  3. Singer Initiale: Another great sewing machine for beginner tailors
  4. KPCB 201: The best mini sewing machine, portable and at a mini price
  5. Brother CS10: The electronic sewing machine at the price of a mechanic

How did we make our selection of the best sewing machines ?

To help you in the quest for the perfect sewing machine, the criteria used for the comparison below are as follows:

Ease of use: Setting up the machine to obtain the desired stitch with the right thread tension should be simple and intuitive. The handwheels and control levers for the various elements of the machine must be easy to access and the symbolism sufficiently clear so as not to have to resort to the user manual every 5 minutes.

Fluid seam: the stitches must be even, regardless of the fabrics used. The sewing rhythm must be fluid, beyond the technical aspects of the piece being constructed, or the level of the seamstress.

Variety of presser feet (presser feet): depending on the stitches and types of work being done, it may be necessary to change the presser foot. These new feet can be included in the sewing machine kit or sold separately. Some machines may use universal presser feet, which makes it easier to buy in stores or on the internet. Others, on the contrary, only accept sewing feet of the same brand as the machine, which may be slightly more expensive to purchase but also constitutes a guarantee of quality of follow-up in the event of a defect on the part.

Automatic buttonhole: Buttonholes are difficult to sew on the machine. The four-step or one-step "automatic buttonhole" functionality is a valuable criterion for evaluating the variety of projects that can be done with the machine (all with buttons), regardless of user level.

Quality of lighting: The lighting of the sewing table is essential, both for the quality of the sewing and for the comfort of the user. The most recent models generally offer LED lighting which stays cool in all circumstances, unlike their predecessors which work with halogen lighting.

Automatic Threading: This is an essential accessory for those with poor eyesight or who are not always patient to thread the thread through the needle by hand.

Adjustable Needle Offset: Convenient for overlock stitches, the ability to shift the needle to the right or left when sewing is useful in some jobs.

Adjustable presser foot pressure: This feature is essential for sewing fabrics of different thicknesses.

Adjustable feed dog height: some jobs require complete freedom to guide the fabric under the needle when sewing (such as quilting, for example). The possibility of lowering the feed teeth or even blocking them is, in fact, appreciable.

Ready to discover your new sewing machines companion? Let's go !

1. Bernette, Bernina Sew & Go 8: The best sewing machine of 2020

Bernette, Bernina Sew & Go 8

Novice and experienced dressmakers, you may have your new best friend here for 2020.

The Swiss brand Bernette, known for its quality sewing machines and the professionalism of its after-sales service, offers an electronic sewing machine capable of satisfying both beginners looking for a product that is easy to use, and meticulous experts. lovers of meticulous work. The Sew & Go 8 presents itself as a versatile machine, with features designed for clothing design, home decorating or even embroidery projects.

In short, a real all-terrain object that allows its user to give free rein to his imagination!


The Sew & Go 8 imposes with its power of 70W, its speed of 850 revolutions per minute for a weight of 6kg. An electronic sewing machine built to last, it can be set quickly thanks to its buttons and its large LCD screen, which not only shows all the settings made, but also indicates the presser foot changes to be made when necessary. Intelligent, the machine can record embroidery sequences in order to execute them in one go, such as writing a first name for example.

The start / stop button placed near the needle allows you to stop and restart sewing at any time, precisely and quickly, if you do not want to use the rheostat pedal. The machine can make 197 types of stitches, including an alphabet, a very large selection of decorative stitches up to 7mm wide, an eyelet stitch and 7 types of automatic buttonholes. The length and width of the stitches can be changed while sewing. The machine allows 15 different needle positions, stopping the needle in the up or down position with a single click, as well as the use of twin needles for decorative stitches.

For sewing comfort, the machine has LED lighting, 163mm wide worktable, 7-prong feed (perfect for heavy fabrics, fine leather and lined seams). ), a free arm, as well as automatic thread threading and a thread cutter integrated into the frame.

The machine is delivered with seven presser feet suitable for different types of work, a brush for cleaning, a seam ripper, an assortment of needles, three bobbins, a screwdriver, an additional spool holder, two spool nets and a cover protection. It is guaranteed for 2 years.

2. Brother X14: The best sewing machine for beginners or kids
Brother X14
The reputation of  Brother sewing machines is well established in the United States ... just like in Europe. A competitor to Singer and other market leaders, Brother stands out for its ease of use thanks to the presets built into all machines. So simple, that many recommend buying it for curious kids who want to learn sewing, or for designers with boundless creativity but clumsy fingers. The Brother X14 does not fail the reputation of its siblings on this side, offering a family mechanical machine at a low price but good potential.


The Brother X14 is a mechanical sewing machine that does not require many minutes of testing to set the stitch. Indeed, the stitch length and width are already preset according to the chosen program. Users only have to manually adjust the thread tension before starting to sew their projects. Lightweight thanks to its aluminum frame (5.5kg) and a power of 50W, it will satisfy novice or occasional nomadic couturiers, who wish to quickly sew fine or medium thickness fabrics.

It offers 14 stitches (including 6 straight stitches of different lengths and a 4-step buttonhole included) which allow you to build and perform small basic jobs with ease. It is also possible to use a twin needle. The presser feet supplied for technical work are easily assembled. LED worktable lighting provides visual comfort during long hours of sewing, and the free arm makes tubular work such as sewing cuffs or pant hems easier. The machine comes with 3 presser feet (zipper, zig-zag and buttonhole), a screwdriver, four bobbins, a set of needles and a demo DVD in addition to the user manual.

Note that the machine benefits from a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Be careful though: this sewing machine is not a toy, and does not have a finger guard in front of the needle, unlike models specially designed for children.

3. Singer Initiale: Another great sewing machine for beginner tailors.
Singer Initiale

Curvy and discreet, the Singer Initiale is no less a machine that is quickly establishing itself in the heart of low-budget family sewing machines and in the hearts of novice and occasional designers. The reputation of the brand, concerning the robustness of the machines as well as the quality of after-sales service, is well established and allows this machine to hold out unabated throughout their owners' projects.


The Singer Initiale is a simple yet effective mechanical sewing machine that allows novice and casual dressmakers to familiarize themselves with the use of a sewing machine and explore many types of projects with peace of mind. With a power of 70W and a weight of 7.12 kg, the machine features a sturdy metal frame and can holder. It offers 10 programs (18 adjustable stitches) including the construction of 4-step buttonholes as well as several decorative stitches, to be able to realize both basic sewing projects (such as a hem) or more technical (such as a gathered dress). Indications on the handwheels for adjusting thread tension, stitch length, and presser foot pressure are clear and well-defined for ease of use. The Singer Initiale has a simple 6-prong chain feeder for good fabric hanging. The LED worktable lighting and the free arm allow you to work with precision and comfort for hours at a time. The machine comes with a small sewing kit (scissors, pins, set of needles, spools of white and black thread, pencil and ruler, seam ripper and thimble), essential for starting projects.

4. KPCB 201: The best mini sewing machine, portable and at a low price!
KPCB Mini Sewing Machine 201
Do not be fooled by appearances ! This handkerchief-fit sewing machine is an expert when it comes to swallowing yards of fabric without flinching.

The KPCB brand seems to specialize in inexpensive sewing machines that combine ease of use and minimum space. Perfect for hems and straight stitch assembly projects, this little sewing machine surprises budding designers with its ease of handling, and captivates with its low price.

An object to recommend to novices, to nomadic dressmakers who need a troubleshooting machine to quickly build their projects, and to people who no longer want to call on professionals for a simple hem.


Featherweight (less than 400g) in its category, the KPCB 201 mini-sewing machine has chosen to offer the minimum number of features for the benefit of better workmanship. Specialized in straight stitch, which can be adjusted in length and thread tension thanks to the small flounces provided for this purpose, it is enduring and regular in the quality of rendering whatever the fabric (from denim to silk).

Notable feature: its dual power supply and power supply system. This machine can operate on both a rechargeable battery and an AC outlet, and to turn it on you can choose to press the switch button or the rheostat pedal. Note that if you do not want to use the foot control to adjust the sewing speed, buttons on the side of the machine are provided for this purpose. You can move around with your machine without having to carry many cords.

The machine's built-in thread cutter allows you to work quickly without wasting time searching for scissors in the workspace. Supplied with an extension table to increase the work surface and sew more comfortably, a needle threader, bobbins and a set of needles, this machine is ready to use right out of the box, and is perfect Troubleshoot. Be careful, however: despite its very basic appearance, small size and very low price, this machine is by no means a toy. It does not include specific protections common to this type of product. If you are planning a purchase for a child, always be sure to supervise its use.

5. Brother CS10: The electronic sewing machine at the cost of a mechanic
Brother CS10
Do you want to test a quality electronic sewing machine but are on a tight budget? You might be interested in the Brother CS10! Versatile and easy to use, this sewing machine belies the rumor that you have to pay more to buy a quality electronic machine. Designed to meet the demands of novice and experienced dressmakers, this machine can be a good choice for fairly technical jobs, as part of a hobby sewing activity.


The Brother CS10 is an electronic plastic and metal sewing machine with a power of 40 W, a speed of 850 stitches per minute and a weight of 5 kg. It has an LCD screen of the correct size showing all the useful information about the selected stitching point (width, length, type of foot to use).

The selection of the stitching point among the 40 available (utility stitches, elastic stitches, various embroidery stitches and 5 automatic buttonholes) is done using the control keys. Although the pressure of the foot is not adjustable, the machine can sew any type of fabric (even fine leatherette) without slipping.

For user comfort, it is equipped with dual LED lighting, a free arm and a needle threader integrated into the frame just like the manual thread cutter. The 6-jaw chain drive can be lowered for more freedom of movement.

Light and compact, the Brother CS10 comes with a soft protective cover, 7 different presser feet, 3 bobbins, a set of standard and double needles (for decorative seams and double stitches), a spool holder, a cleaning brush as well as a DVD as a user manual. It is guaranteed for 3 years.

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