Why Singer 7470 Confidence Will Change your Sewing Experience

Singer 7470 Confidence Review

Singer 7470 Confidence is an electronic sewing machine that can greatly improve your sewing experience. The machine has an intuitive control panel and a large option of stitches to choose from allowing it to give users a large collection to pick from. The machine also has an automatic control panel making its maneuverability simple.

Singer 7470 has 146 built in stitches for you to choose from. The different varieties featured include utility, heirloom, decorative and quilting stitches which will enhance your creativity level.

The machine allows you to save up to 20 patterns for future reference. You can save patterns used in making letters and pictures of objects on garments for future reference.

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SINGER 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

Singer 7470 Confidence Review

List of Singer Confidence 7470 features:

  • Has 6 buttons to set the most commonly used stitches that will in turn allow you to save time used in setting up the machine
  • It has both 3 and 4 on-snap presser feet settings to allow adjustments for thicker fabrics
  • Has a bright LCD screen that uses icons and images to guide you in determining settings and stitch selections.
  • The extension arm can be removed to allow manual operation of the machine.
  • The working space is well lit by a StayBright, long-lasting LED light and hence you can use the machine in a poorly lit room.
  • The machine has an inbuilt carry handle increasing its portability
  • The machine comes with some extra accessories therefore ensuring ready spare parts once the initial accessories break down.

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SINGER 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

Who is it most designed for?

  • This machine is meant for both people who are savvy in tailoring and also newbies training on different knitting techniques.
  • The easy operational system and LCD screen guiding you on how to set up the machine are great aids for someone looking to challenge their creativity.

Singer 7470 Confidence is gaining popularity fast in the market as a result of its intuitive control panel as well as elegant stitching alternatives. Besides, the audible warnings when you are using risky stitches and the temporary memory of the machine make it among one of the most useful contemporary device.

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SINGER 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

Let me show you what some of the current users are saying about it:


By Ellsa,


The machine is great. It can handle both heavy duty and lightweight projects. Both slow and fast operations are all unique. If you like quilting and other assortment of sewing, this is a suitable machine for you.

Review summarize for size – read full review here.

By Adhma B.,

I purchased Singer confidence soon after starting sewing classes. It is easy to use and set up despite the fact that it has a lot of features included in it. I’m glad to have chosen this machine since I never seem to outdo its features even as I gain more knowledge.

Review summarize for size – read full review here.


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