How Does a Sewing Machine Work Step by Step

How Does a Sewing Machine Work Step by Step The invention of the sewing machine is considered one of the great innovations that were reached in the last three centuries, along with cars, cotton gins and others, because it changed the course of the world and strived for the better in terms of saving a lot of effort and time, making hard work more quickly and easily, and also enabled manufacturing companies to Producing large quantities of high-quality clothes at the lowest possible costs and very quickly. This technology also allowed most people to wear well-made clothes that were considered royal only two hundred years ago.

In this article, we will explain a simple explanation of the mechanism of this machine that made it all possible.

There are sewing machines on the market of various types that vary greatly in terms of price and performance, they range from traditional machines that do not rely on electricity and are usually suitable for household uses, to complex electronic sewing machines that can rise to the complexity of a complete computer.

How Does a Sewing Machine Work Step by Step

The annular stitching system forms the heart of the sewing machine, as important as the internal combustion engine of the car.

The method of ring stitches differs greatly from the method of hand knitting, in the simplest hand stitching connects a portion of the thread to a small hole at the end of the needle and the tailor passes the needle and the thread attached to it all the way through two pieces of fabric from one face to the other and returns to the first face again. .

How Does a Sewing Machine Work Step by Step

In this method, the needle runs the thread in and out of the pieces of fabric, connecting them together. While doing this appears to be very easy by hand, it is very difficult to do automatically. The machine has to move the needle over the first side of the fabric and then hold it on the second side. After that, you will push the entire length of the thread through the fabric, rotate the needle and repeat the entire previous work in the opposite direction.

This method is very complicated and impractical for primitive sewing machines, and even when executed manually, it is only valid with short length threads, so this method has not been adopted in sewing machines.

The thread insertion hole in the sewing machine needle is located directly at the sharp end, unlike the hand needle, in which the hole is located at the blunt end.

Mechanism of Action:

• The machine passes the needle in one direction into the tissue

• The needle is installed on its needle holder that is responsible for moving it up and down using a motor through a series of gears and cams.

The needle is withdrawn when the fabric passes a small loop of thread from one side to the other,

• The machine under the weaving pulls this ring and wraps it either around another piece of thread or around another loop of the same thread.

In fact, there are several types of ring stitches that work with a slight difference, for example, the chain stitch is the simplest ring stitch, and to knit this stitch the machine makes.

And the question here have you think before how does a sewing machine work step by step?

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