Solve Your Singer Sewing Machine Problems Step by Step

Solve Your Singer Sewing Machine Problems Step by Step

Solve Your Singer Sewing Machine Problems Step by Step

There are some important things that you are required to do with your sewing machine so that your machine keeps on running, it is also better to service your sewing machine by the professionals from time to time as there are many singers sewing machine repair experts which are there to help you taking care of your sewing machine.

How-to Take Care

There are some important steps that are involved in taking care of your singer sewing machine

  • Clean around the feed dogs to remove any thread pieces from the whole area.
  • You must lubricate the sewing machine with oil, but make sure it is the sewing machine oil and not any ordinary oil. You can get sewing machine oil for your singer machine from any of the singer retailers or singer sewing machine repair
  • After oiling, first sew on a scrap fabric to make sure that the oil is not there before sewing on your actual stitching project.

From time to time you will see that your sewing machine is not working properly, so do not panic because these problems are completely preventable.

Solutions to the Common Problems

  • While sewing if you find that the thread is accumulating underside of the fabric, this means that you have actually threaded the upper thread incorrectly, raise the presser foot lifter cut the upper thread and remove it.
  • To make sure that you have threaded the machine correctly leave the needle unthreaded and the presser foot up, hold the upper thread toward you it should pull free. Now put the presser foot lifter down and try pulling the needle thread it should resist the pulling, if you are still able to pull the upper thread freely when the presser foot is down, this is the indication that the tension is not correctly threaded, raise the presser foot and then completely remove the upper thread.
  • After you have retrieved the upper thread put down the presser foot, if you do feel a significant difference in the tension when you pull the thread you are now ready to thread the needle raise the presser foot, thread the needle and start sewing.
  • If the needle keeps breaking then there is something wrong with the size of the needle. Keep in mind that thicker fabrics required larger size needles so that they are strong enough to go through the thickness also check that the machine controls are set properly for the stitch and presser foot that you are using.
  • If your upper thread is broken, check that you have correctly threaded the machine, check to see if the thread groove of the thread spool itself is pointed toward the right so the thread is not getting caught.
  • Make sure that the tension control is correctly set.
  • If you have removed the bobbin case and inserted it back, but incorrectly, then this could also be the cause thread breakage.
  • If your fabric is not moving well under the presser foot, then make sure that the presser foot is correctly attached
  • Make sure that the feed dog and stitch length is set properly.

Singer sewing machine can be easily fixed at home, but if the solution is out of your reach then it is better to take your sewing machine to the singer sewing machine repair center.


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