Which Sewing Machine Brand Is Best

Which Sewing Machine Brand Is Best

Before answering the question "which sewing machine brand is best" It is essential to remember that there are several kinds of sewing machines and to choose above all a product which will suit you rather than a brand itself, can prove to be a real saving of time and money for you. So here is a quick reminder before I tell you about machine brands, there are mechanical sewing machines and electronic ones. The price will of course not be the same.

Which Sewing Machine Brand Is Best

Let's now take a look at the brands according to the type of machine:

The budget

which sewing machine brand is best? Well yes, this is one of the things you are going to pay the most attention to when shopping for your sewing machine. A newbie is not going to spend the same budget as someone who costs regularly and honestly, even if you are just starting and have the budget to buy yourself a pro machine, forget the idea.

It will take you forever to get the machine in hand and you will not have any pleasure in sewing. Here is a ranking of 3 sewing machines that we recommend. All the brands presented are of course very good brands that are recognized for their quality, resistance, and versatility.

Brother JX2517

Brother JX2517

The Brother JX2517 is a particularly practical and compact sewing machine that will be easily transported. We will also highlight the elegant and refined design that gives a certain style to the sewing machine. This model is designed for beginners, while more experienced dressmakers will be quite quickly limited in their sewing. In the features, there are 17 different stitches (which for beginners will do well) and 4 automatic buttonholes.

You will also be able to adjust the thread tension, which is a nifty option.

In the accessories supplied with the Brother JX2517, there are sewing needles, various sewing feet, 4 bobbins, a screwdriver.

The big plus point of this model is the fact that you will have no trouble sewing thick fabrics.

We invite you to click on the link below to learn more about the features of this machine and to see its price.

Singer Curvy 8763

Singer Curvy 8763

The Singer brand has been based in the United States of America since its inception. The latter has set up a large number of machines with masterful qualities. For example, this Curvy Singer who is a real monster in the service of sewing. Indeed, this incredible style offers almost 30 types of stitches. Also, the buttonhole insertion system is automatic, which has the purpose of making certain tasks enormously easier.

So you have at your service a virtually complete monster that can turn any sewing beginner into a professional career. Also note that in terms of which Singer sewing machine to choose from, the Curvy usually comes with a free arm. The latter is ideal for the creation of different projects, even the most complicated. In short, you, therefore, know at your fingertips an electronic sewing machine capable of doing a real miracle on a fabric.

Singer Curvy 8763 is one device you can choose if you want to make a difference. It means giving your sewing something unique in the world. Thus, it is ideal for people who like versatility. The Singer Curvy is a jewel of a high level which despite everything remains very easy to handle.

Bernina Bernette B35

Bernina Bernette B35

The Bernina Bernette B35 is a mechanical machine, all the control of the points is mechanical. Although mechanical sewing machines are often more expensive than electronic machines, they offer many more possibilities for sewing.

With a modern design, this model is also rather quiet. It will allow you to sew works of exceptional quality. This sewing machine will allow you to do many different tasks and it will adapt to your needs. This model is a very good compromise between flexibility and ease of use.

Ideal for beginners, the Bernina Bernette B35 has 23 stitches. It also has an automatic buttonhole which will be very practical. Also, you will be able to use decorative stitches present with this machine. The stitch length and width are adjustable and finally, you can, thanks to this model, adjust the thread tension.

It's very solid and ideal for beginners, of exceptional quality with many possibilities for sewing.

We make a point of reminding you that in addition to choosing the brand of your future machine, it is better to learn about its functions as well as the accessories supplied. There is no point in having a machine at home that offers a lot of sewing choices, without knowing without using it, it might discourage you. Also, read the customer reviews when making your choice, they are often a good indication of the quality and possibilities offered by the model.

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