Brother SE1900 Review: Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE1900 Review
Brother SE1900 Review

Brother SE1900 will set you back between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 depending on who you buy it from, but whatever you pay for, you'll be glad you did.

This potential price tag may not even matter to some when you consider just what you get for your money, and in the end, 10,000 euros may seem like an absolute steal. You receive 50 accessories, 240 built-in stitches, built-in memory, and a USB port for further expansion. There are also 130 special embroidery designs for those who don't know where to start.

Brother SE1900 Review

The easy-to-feed system minimizes errors and crashes to keep everything running smoothly, and its color touchscreen LCD display ensures easy navigation and offers intuitive controls for easy operation. The 5x7 "field is sufficient for large and small projects, so what we're really saying here is that there is nothing to choose wrong, we just want to know how much we are paying up front.

What comes with Brother SE1900?

  • Large 5 × 7 embroidery area.
  • 240 stitches.
  • 3.2 ”color LCD touchscreen.
  • 8 versatile sewing feet.
  • 11 embroidery fonts.
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs.
  • 10 frame shapes for monograms.
  • 10 styles of 1-step buttonholes.
  • USB port.
  • Automatic needle threader.

Adjustability and flexibility

From changing screen brightness to automatic sewing speed regulator, this is one of the most flexible machines on the market.

Some options are missing such as embroidery speed adjustment, on-screen text editing and automatic height adjustment. These additional features will appeal to an experienced user who needs a high quality computerized embroidery and sewing machine.

Large workspace with Color LCD touchscreen display screen
Brother SE1900 Review

The main feature of the SE 1900 is the 5 x 7 inch drape allowing for embroidery and monogramming with less rerouting. It is larger than the usual 4 x 4 inch work area found on other models.

The work area is backlit using an LED light, so you can see the smallest details on darker fabrics. You can position multiple embroidery and monogram designs in the hoop to avoid mistakes.

You will be able to see the color of the threads, change them and modify your design before you start working. Seeing your design in color allows you to make changes to make your project perfect.

You can also use the my custom stitch option to save your favorite design for future use. If you're not tech savvy, you might have a bit of a hard time until you can use this option.

Should you buy the Brother SE1900?

If you need a versatile combo machine, for home use or for a small business, then the SE1900 is the right one for you. It offers a large workspace for you to start your home business and provides access to thousands of templates and fonts. This may not be the best option if you are new to sewing and embroidery or don't intend to take sewing and embroidery seriously.

Embroidery machine buying guide

How we chose our selection of Brother SE1900 

We don't like other machines to feel bad when we make our choice, but we have to. Here's how we've refined our guide to finding the best embroidery machines available.

Brand - Anyone familiar with embroidery will have had an eye for big brands, but we don't like to focus all of our energy on what some consider the most popular brands. Rather, we researched a wide range of brands to ensure a variety of features and functions to meet all needs and all skill levels.

Price - Embroidery is an expensive hobby, but we don't think anyone should be left out just because of their budget. Instead, we've researched a wide range of products, so no matter if you've been doing this for years and are sitting on a golden throne or looking to get into this hobby, there is a machine that you can afford.

Reviews - The favorite part of our research and our most trusted method is reading customer reviews. These give us an idea of ​​how well a machine works compared to machines of old, having been used by those who know a lot more about embroidery than we do. Reviews also help us understand potential issues and allow us to determine if the machine will hold up years later. Like this Brother SE1900 Review.

Features to look for in embroidery machines

To make sure you don't get stitched up when it arrives at your doorstep, check out these key features to find the best embroidery machine for you.

Power - The more powerful the machine, the more manly you will feel as you embroider cute flowers and rainbows on your daughter's backpack. Horsepower determines how many stitches per minute your machine can process, and it ranges from about 400 to over 800.

However, it's not always best to do more, and while faster sewing speeds up your projects, it can also be problematic when working with more complex designs.

Stitches and Embroidery Designs - The amount of potential stitches and patterns will give you a variety of styles to explore and may make the purchase ultimately pay off. More patterns are an interesting prospect, while different stitch styles allow you to work with different clothes and accessories.

Some machines allow you to upload or customize designs so that you can upload your own images to embroider.

Quality - Your embroidery sewing machine must provide the quality necessary for the use you intend to make of it. Obviously, high quality is crucial no matter what machine, but for personal use, you may not consider high quality as important as if you were using it for business.

Easy Installation - Anything that has easy installation is a winner as far as we are concerned. If you've never used an embroidery machine before, simple settings can reduce start-up pressure and stress, and it will also make loading and reloading spools, threads and other accessories easier.

Even if you have experience with machines, easy setup means you can get back to work much faster while minimizing the learning curve of working on a new machine.

Embroidery machine faqs

But what if you've never seen an embroidery machine, but you're still intrigued? Here's a helpful little guide to get you up to speed on what we've been talking about.

What is an embroidery machine?

An embroidery machine is a machine that allows you to create what is essentially the art of embroidery. With them you can make decorative patterns on clothes, upholstery, accessories, etc. If you like to personalize your clothes, they are a crucial necessity to help you explore their potential.

Embroidery machines differ from sewing machines (despite some basic similarities) in that they are able to create more elaborate and complicated designs, whereas sewing machines are generally only used to join materials.

That being said, you will find many machines that can do both sewing and embroidery.

What is the best embroidery machine for home use?

All the products we selected would make a great embroidery machine for home use. Unlike industrial machines, a machine intended for home use should be compact while still offering enough features to allow your creativity to be experienced.

What is the best sewing and embroidery machine for beginners?

For beginners, you can't go wrong with a Brother embroidery machine. They're of sufficient quality to get you started without feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of features. But since everyone is different, you might prefer something more or less complicated. If you have friends or relatives who own an embroidery machine, it is a good idea to practice on them to get used to the operation before buying it.

How much does a good embroidery machine cost?

A good embroidery machine will net you at least $ 200, but it all depends on your skill level and the scale of your projects. Bigger and better machines, with a wider range of features and capabilities, can cost upwards of $ 4000, but they are aimed at experienced embroiderers, while the cheaper options are closer to $ 500. dollars.

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