5 Questions We Ask Ourselves About the Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Questions

When you start to sew, it is not always easy to understand everything. While the general mode of operation of a sewing machine is fairly self-explanatory, other details may escape us despite reading the user manual.

Thus, we find some questions come up frequently, which suggests that ultimately, it is not that simple.

Don't panic, we're here to answer the questions we ask ourselves the most.

A sewing machine can be impressive, but with a little help and advice like here with the article How a sewing machine works, where we give the basics to get started, it is possible to get started. machine more calmly and easily.

It is true that when we learn about sewing, a thousand questions jostle in our heads. Already when buying, we wondered how to choose a sewing machine or mechanical or electronic sewing machine ... And now that we have it in hand, we are lost and annoyed with our questions that sometimes remain unanswered.

This is why we have decided to publish this short guide with the answers to our most common questions about sewing machines.

How to darn jeans with a sewing machine?

Ah, jeans ... if you have children, you know that although they are very strong, they are also very easy to get through.

And once we have a hole in it, we have several solutions. Either we buyback, which can quickly become a significant budget or we put a fusible insert (it does not last long) or we take back, which is a slightly more reasonable option.

And that's good, we have a sewing machine for that (because jeans in hand are no picnic).

And here's how.

Sew a yoke on jeans with holes?

First, you have to prepare your sewing machine (see the link above if necessary).

Once this is done, we release the arm so that we can put the jeans on, tight.

We choose the point we want. For a yoke, the best is to select the zig-zag stitch, which is more solid.

Place the piece of fabric over the hole so that it covers it, lower the presser foot, and simply sew.

Note that you can also, if the hole is small, darning without a yoke, simply with the thread. In this case, the point will be to choose according to what you want.

Which sewing machine to choose for thick fabric?

Since we're talking about jeans, let's also talk about heavy fabrics. Do you need a specific sewing machine if you have a lot of denim, leather, fleece clothes?

The answer is no. Nowadays, all sewing machines are capable of sewing these types of heavy fabrics even if some parts are very difficult (the sides of the pants for example). Yes, it might struggle a bit, but so do professional machines, it's all about having the right method.

Sew thick fabric with a sewing machine?

First of all, the most important element, one would suspect, is the needle. It needs to be strong enough to tackle the fabric. If we have any doubts, it is best to go and seek advice from a haberdashery store, where they will know how ...

Then, if you feel that our sewing machine is in pain, just slow down, take it easy, and help the fabric move forward.

Note, however, that it is better to buy a mid-range or branded sewing machine if we know that our sewing work will focus a lot on thick fabrics. Likewise, a sewing machine with multiple feed teeth will make our job easier. So, let's rely on Singer, Brother, or Pfaff to be quiet.

How to move a sewing machine needle?

Sometimes some sewing jobs require you to move the needle. This is the case when you have to make a seam allowance (distance between the seam and the edge of the fabric. Moving the needle is then one of the techniques used).

Moving a needle is not necessarily intuitive, and it will also depend on the brand of our sewing machine. It is therefore usually necessary to refer to the user manual. But just in case, here's how for each major brand (subject to model).

On a Brother sewing machine 

First, turn off the machine.

On the stitch selection key, keep the + key pressed, then switch on the machine again and release the key. The needle refocuses or returns to its original left position.

On a Singer sewing machine 

Here you really need the manual. But apparently, on most of the brand's models, all you have to do is change the stitch or use a lever or a dial.

On a Pfaff machine 

Usually, on these sewing machines, there is a button with a double arrow. You have to press it and play with the + and - buttons of the machine.

The Singer case

Many questions about sewing machines relate to those of the Singer brand, probably because it is the most popular.

For example, how to use a Singer sewing machine, how to thread the thread through a Singer sewing machine, or how to adjust a Singer sewing machine ...

The point is that all sewing machines operate in a similar fashion, but disparities exist between brands, and between models of the same brand. While they are often minimal (sometimes it's just a button or a dial that changes places), they can quickly drive us crazy.

Rest assured, in the vast majority of cases, the problem finds its solution in the manual.

Otherwise, we are often dealing with a malfunction and it will then be necessary to see with the customer service what can be problematic. But if you have any doubt, you can very well refer to the articles linked above. The operating mode works for most machines.


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