Choosing a children's sewing machine

Choosing a children's sewing machine

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 If your favorite hobby is sewing and your child is interested in it, it would be a good idea to share this passion with him or her. Even if you are not interested in sewing, it is an exciting, educational hobby that fosters creativity and independence in children. A kid's sewing machine would therefore be a great present for your little one, whether you want them to be an expert in sewing or not.

With the wide variety of machines available, you might be wondering which exact sewing machine to buy for your child. This guide will help you find the perfect sewing machine for your son/daughter/nephew/niece / loved one ...

The best sewing machines for kids in 2020

Right off the bat, before we figure out how to choose yours, here's a selection of the top three kids' sewing machines right now:

The Brother KE14 sewing machine

  • With this real sewing machine, you can familiarize yourself with the world of sewing from an early age.
  • Designed for your safety and suitable for the youngest, a real protective device, the finger guard, prevents contact of the fingers with the needle when sewing.

This beautiful mechanical sewing machine is intended for children and beginners who want to learn about sewing. The manufacturer has thought of equipping this little angel with a finger guard, in order to protect novice users against injuries. Although it may be difficult to thread the bobbin with this machine for a start, the child will get used to it quickly. This little angel has all the characteristics and functions (easy to use, LED light, 14 adjustment points, horizontal hook, free arm mode, etc.) ideal for learning to sew better.

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The Singer Initiale sewing machine

  • The essentials to learn about sewing for pleasure!
  • Modern and colorful design. Thread tension: Adjustable
  • Complete: has 18 adjustable stitches: straight, zigzag, decorative stitches
  • Practical: simplified threading, reverse, automatic 4-step buttonhole, the lighting of the sewing surface

This is the best children's sewing machine Singer has to offer today. It has 18 adjustment stitches that you can easily use for multiple sewing projects. Very practical and easy to use, it has an easy-to-use threading system, as well as a buttonhole automation system. We only blame it for its slightly high weight (around 7 kg).

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The Janome Sew Mini Deluxe sewing machine

  • Small, light
  • Ideal for children
  • reasonable high level by CB hook
  • All the accessories you need with it.

Lightweight, small, and easy to use by children, this magnificent children's sewing machine will make little ones more creative. It offers up to 10 stitches and comes with all the essentials for learning to sew. It is suitable for over 5 years.

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How to choose the right sewing machine for your child?

Here are some things to consider when trying to find the perfect machine for your child:

Here are some things to consider when trying to find the perfect machine for your child:

  • Take into account the age of the child

Age is the first thing to consider when looking for a children's machine. Younger children aged 5 to 8 will need machines that are close to toys, but real, in order to exercise their creativity in a real way and as early as possible. You just have to make sure that the machine has a good protection system against injuries like the Brother KE 14. Electronic machines for children with ten settings (or more) are suitable for children from 8 to 10 years old.

  • Opt for a real sewing machine

No need to buy a toy sewing machine for your child, he will get tired of it very quickly or easily destroy it. Real machines are certainly less fun, but they are more robust and their points are not ephemeral. They also offer REAL sewing skills to the child. Machines in toy form are only suitable for the little ones who want to imitate the action of sewing.

  • Opt for a simple sewing machine

Too many options can frustrate even the child who really wants to learn to sew. A complex machine hinders a child's learning, and may even cause him to give up his passion. The simpler the sewing machine (that is, with fewer options and settings), the better the child will be able and want to use it.

  • Opt for an easy-to-use sewing machine

The machine should also be easy to use and handle. Concretely, it is preferable to opt for a machine having functions and characteristics that simplify its use, such as the presence of an automatic needle threader (since threading a needle is difficult even in adults), the easy coil loading, ease of pedaling, an on / off button, but also protection systems and good portability.

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