Different Types of Sewing Machines

Types of Sewing Machines

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Sewing machines are an essential tool, which should be available in every home.

Sewing can be learned easily, knowing the basics of sewing is also sufficient to use sewing machines to adjust and narrow your spacious clothes, fasten buttons, etc.

The latest model sewing machines are a combination of many advanced features and are easy to operate.

Basically, sewing machines are categorized based on their functionality, and they have also been categorized based on their features such as sewing, quilting and embroidery.

Different Type of Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machines
The industrial sewing machines are designed to be durable and robust to handle a wide variety of heavy duty fabrics, plastics and fabrics.

There are different types of industrial machines most of them sew one specialized job. Industrial machines are made of metal structures. Since they are mechanical with few or no computerized parts, industrial machines are long lasting and capable of sewing for long periods of time.

Industrial sewing machines are relatively larger in size compared to domestic sewing machines. Due to the high-efficiency features and powerful built-in quality, these machines are also on the more affordable side of the price.

Some types of industrial machines:

  • Cover stitch machine : a specialized industrial machine capable of doing the operations of stitching, binding, upper embroidery and adding decorative effects.
  • Lock stitch machine : These create a stitch similar to the back stitch. Stitch looks similar on both sides of the cloth. Stitch lock capable of straight and winding stitches.
  • Zig-Zag machine : this industrial type of sewing machine zig zags and is mostly used in the production of bra and underwear to attach elastic.
  • Chain Stitch Machine : Creates a chain stitch useful for stretch fabrics and for binding and decorative effects.
  • Blind Stitch Machine : This machine makes an Invisible Hemstitch. It is fast and efficient in this process.
  • Leather Machines : They feature a walking foot to enable them to slide over tough and sticky leather.

Different Type of Domestic Sewing Machines

Domestic Sewing Machines

The machines that are right for home projects are known as home sewing machines. These machines are generally made of plastic and nylon polymers.

The machine speed is not great compared to industrial sewing machines. However, one can have a lot of features on one machine which is not the case in industrial sewing machines.

Some types of domestic machines:


Mechanical machines are the simplest machines and can be pedal or manual. Designed to be used before electrical power was reached.

The mechanical machine is driven by either a handle and a spinning wheel to drive the needle and make stitches, or it may be a pedal machine. Pedal machine hand and operated by running the plate pedal above the ground directly. Pedal movement operates a rubber belt to move the machine and sewing needle.


Electronic machines have many options and the advantage of electronic operation. There are 

many brands of electronic machines to choose from offering various stitches and stitch lengths.

There is a dedicated dial that helps you determine the type and length of the stitch. Also, there are many other features that you will like.


Machine embroidery is definitely an investment if you plan to do a lot of embroidery.

The device will be able to access the built-in facility design and memory to store designs. The USB port on this device allows the embroiderer to access and import other designs into the device's memory. As you can imagine, the embroidery machines are located at the top end of the price range and some of them can reach several thousand dollars.


The sewing machine types are highly recommended if you are planning to make large quilts. This machine has a longer arm that allows more amounts of fabric to pass through the machine. The quilting machine is able to sew larger quantities of fabric. Machine feeding ensures steady and even stitching as the fabrics are held in place.


It is the ideal machine to sew both stretch and wool knits for active sportswear. An overlocker or serger may come with three or four threads. It has the ability to sew, trim and supervise the edges. The serger can be used to trim the edges and it creates a really professional look.

Types of Sewing Machines – Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to what type of sewing machine you can buy it depends on the jobs you will need, how often you plan to sew and of course your budget. For the majority of entry-level sewers, you'll be looking for either a simple or cheaper computerized electronic machine.

The truth is, most people rarely use the decorative stitches that come with high-end machines.

The sewing machine industry has made great progress in both home and factory. There are many types of sewing machines to suit your budget and required skills.

Sewing machines differ in terms of the capabilities and the jobs they do. If you want to use it only for your household chores, you should be satisfied with a simple machine. But it is different when you want to use it in professional sewing, as you need to buy a machine with multiple capabilities.

You still have the choice between the types of machines and their brands according to your needs. But if you are still a beginner in the field of sewing, you can move from a simple machine to a more professional one.


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