How Often Oil Sewing Machine

Sewing machine oil

How Often Oil Sewing Machine?

For optimum and long-lasting use of the sewing machine, it is advisable to oil it regularly, approximately every 10 hours of sewing.

It will be quieter, last longer, and be less likely to seize up.

All machines must be oiled, whether mechanical or electromechanical (also called electronic). For almost all machines, the mechanical system that allows the movement of the needle and the rotation of the bobbin remains the same.

Theoretically, if you read the manual for your sewing machine, you should find recommendations there on a brand of oil and on which parts to oil and how often. But instructions are often lost and sometimes the description of the maintenance of a sewing machine is succinct. Sometimes you can download the instructions from the manufacturers' websites (or at least contact them to request a copy), which can help.

What oil? 

You need an oil specially designed for sewing machines.

Usually, it is a bottle with a long, thin tip. The main brands are Singer and Prym.

How to oil your sewing machine? 

Lubrication is only necessary at the bobbin (other parts of current sewing machines no longer require it). Oiling the contour of the hook at the bobbin will prevent wear and make the machine quieter.

Look for small holes in the needle plate which are made to introduce the oil. If there are none, search online for any schematics. You have to put a drop in each location. For vertical cans, only oil should be put around the base that supports the can.

After applying a little oil, bite the scraps of fabric to evacuate the excess (it would be a shame to put fat on a beautiful fabric!)

You can also start by cleaning (with a blower, vacuum cleaner, or duster) in this area to improve the functioning of the machine, before adding a drop of oil.

How often and how much oil?

Approximately every 10 hours of sewing.

2 drops of oil on the needle bar, and oil around the metal hook.

What is the risk of not oiling?

Like all mechanical equipment, metal parts rub against each other, hence the need to lubricate regularly.

It is up to you to do this regular maintenance, send your machine for a complete overhaul to a technician, approximately every 3 years (every year for professional use), he will do a thorough overhaul.

After oiling your machine, thread the machine, take a cotton fabric folded in half, and sew about 20 cm, this will avoid staining your next seam.

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