Everything You Need to Know About Alpaca Fabric

Does alpaca shrink?

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Alpaca wool can shrink when improper care is provided. Alpaca wool is more likely to shrink when exposed to heat, warm water, or water due to changing temperatures. Friction can also damage the fibers and can cause them to lose their shape.

How To Wash Alpaca Wool Without the Risk of Shrinking It?

Does alpaca shrink?

The most common cause of shrinking Alpaca wool is during washing. You must wash alpaca wool carefully, and incorrect washing instructions may cause the alpaca wool to shrink.

When washing a piece of alpaca wool, follow these tips:

  1. Hand wash alpaca clothes: do not use a washing machine!

  2. Don't even think of using the "hand wash" option on a washing machine.

  3. Wash the alpaca wool in cold water (at most lukewarm).

  4. Wash alpaca wool at a constant temperature (washing and rinsing).

  5. During the washing process, do not rub, wrap, or rub alpaca woolen garments.

  6. Do not put alpaca wool in a dryer.

  7. Do not dry alpaca wool over a fireplace or any other source of heat.

  8. Allow the alpaca wool to dry on a flat surface between two dry towels.

  9. During the drying process, do not rub, wrap or rub alpaca woolen garments

Properly washing alpaca woolen clothes is the best way to prevent shrinking your favorite scarf, jacket, or blanket.
Why Wear Alpaca Clothing? 

Why Wear Alpaca Clothing?

There are no negative properties of alpaca! There are no negative effects, defects or allergies. There are only good reasons to wear alpaca. Below are just a few good reasons:

  • Alpaca is soft like cashmere.

  • Alpaca wool is warmer and stronger than Marino wool. Alpaca wool has air pockets in each fiber to make warm, ultra-lightweight clothing. Alpacas live in an environment with temperatures ranging from -30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Alpaca wool does not contain grease or lanolin, so it is hypoallergenic and will not irritate or scratch your skin.

  • Alpaca fiber, also known as alpaca wool, does not stain easily and is easy to clean. Alpaca repels water / liquids, so spills are easy to clean up. It does not detect alpaca grease and oils as easily as other fibers.

  • Alpaca fibers are unusually strong and flexible; It does not tear easily.

  • Alpaca wool does not stimulate static electricity so it is less likely to attract dust.

  • Ask any alpaca clothing owner and he will tell you that these things last more than anything else in their wardrobe; It can last for generations.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent Alpaca Wool From Shrinking?

Alpaca fibers are naturally breathable and resistant to odor and stains. 

An easy solution to preventing shrinkage in alpaca wool is to wash it as little as possible. When you wash an alpaca woolen dress, be sure to hand wash it in cold water or lukewarm water. 

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